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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Simgar988, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Jul 22, 2009
    I'm furious at best buy. I ordered a tv on 1/2/10 and selected 1/13 as the delivery date. The called me today 1/12 as I expected to set the two hour window for delivery, but instead informed me that the tv wasn't in stock and that the soonest they could deliver it was 1/22, almost 2 weeks later. The guy that called was the delivery guy.
    I feel best buy was very disingenuous about the issue and thoughtless that they called the day before to tell me thy it wasn't in stock rather than sometime earlier to inform me. I've already set up a weekend full of entertaimemt with family and friends coming into town surrounding my new tv that I'm now not going to have.

    So I called up 1800bestbuy to complain and the lady told me se was sorry, it was standard for them to alert you the day before and not sooner and that I was really lucky to get "SUCH an AMAZING deal on the tv ao I really shouldn't be mad." I told her that I spend alot of money on this tv (over 1000$) and there's nothing lucky about buying a tv on sale, Thats a rediculous excuse that I did my part by paying for a tv and they need hold up their end of the deal and delivery my damn tv. I also told her I was about to buy a ps3, surround sound, TiVo, reciever (about 2-2.5k worth of stuff) from best buy but will go to walmart instead. For f*** sake, they had two weeks before the original delivery date to tell me it was gonna be a bit later.

    Also a few days ago I called and asked if they could move the delivery date from 1/16 to 1/13 and they scheduled it and said it would work. WTF, they couldn't tell me then?

    I'm really pissed. Am I being rediculous or are they? I really wanna write a letter to the bb headquarters and tell them that they lost a customer etc.
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    May 8, 2008
    If it's not in stock, it's not in stock. I'm sure it was nothing personal. If you're that eager to get the TV, cancel the order and buy it elsewhere for a higher price.

    Personally, I never preorder a product online unless it's something trival like a book or CD. If I'm spending more than $100 I always go instore and buy it so I can look at the box, condition, etc... and I don't have to worry about damage during shipping or shipping times.
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    yeah cancel your order and order it off of amazon. im sure the price is similar if not cheaper, they usually are. im sure you can get faster shipping and get it just when best buy was going to get it there for you. :D
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    Get some perspective. A TV is a thing, it's not like your replacement liver is going to be two weeks late.
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    Dec 29, 2007
    I agree with this. Unless you need something that same day, I find absolutely no reason to purchase from Best Buy. Look at the item in-store if you need to see it, then go home and buy it online from somewhere else. :)
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    I just got a Samsung 50in 1080p plasma for $999 and they delivered right on schedule a week later. I went back to the store a few days afterwards and saw the tv was on sale for $970 with a $100 gift card. I took them my receipt and did the exchange without any problems. I couldn't find a better deal even online. Now the same TV is $1159.

    To the OP, Sorry about your trouble. Its just luck of the draw when things go badly. **** happens.
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