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    Jan 4, 2010
    I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro, with the original SSD (TS128C) and a 500Gb 7200rpm Seagate HD, which is installed into the SuperDrive slot (the DVD has gone external, in a slim USB 2.0 enclosure).
    I reinstalled Mountain Lion some time ago, building a Fusion drive from terminal before completing the installation.
    The Fusion drive uses ALL the capacity of the two HDs.
    I have a nice USB 3 enclosure, but my computer does not have USB 3, so i am contemplating the purchase of an external Thunderbolt enclosure for 2.5" disks, which will be loaded with a 7200rpm 750Gb drive.
    Before committing to the purchase, i must make sure that Windows 7 could be booted off the Thunderbolt drive, and Bootcamp installed, without affecting the integrity of my current Fusion drive partition.
    From what i have read, i understand that the last version of Bootcamp should automatically install a boot partition using 20Gb on my 500Gb mechanical drive, without affecting the data on the Fusion drive (i guess that the Fusion drive should be resized on the fly, making room for the new partition on the spinning HD).
    I am not entirely sure though, as i have found references to the installation of Bootcamp on a Fusion drive, AND installation of Windows 7 or 8 on an external Thunderbolt HD.
    I haven't found any reference to the two thing TOGETHER...
    That's why i'm asking here.
    Thunderbolt enclosures don't come cheap (especially 3.5" ones are quite expensive!), so it would not make sense to buy one, just to use it as a Time Machine disk, or for multimedia.
    I have some USB 2.0 external disks which are good enough for that use.

    If my configuration/needs were already the subject of another thread...well, i am sorry for that, just point me to the correct thread, i haven't been able to find it myself. :)

    have fun

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    Jan 4, 2010
    Update: found problem with Tuxera NTFS

    Nobody took the time to write a few lines with their experience.
    I did it, but i preferred to give the details at the end of a substantial thread, with the hope to be of some help for future searches.

    Here is the link:

    In a few words, the lesson is:
    disaable Tuxera NTFS before partitioning your hard disk with BootCamp utility!



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