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Discussion in 'iMac' started by 4tune8chance, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. 4tune8chance macrumors member

    Dec 6, 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
    How do I find out the free disk space on the 1TB fusion drive?
    The Mack is only a day old and i'm new to Macs.

    If i use 'Finder' and right click on 'Macintosh HD' 'get info' it says:
    capacity is 32.47 GB
    Available 8.21 GB
    used 24.26 GB

    but if i use disc utilities, i see two (one indented)
    Macintosh HD
    Macintosh HD

    the upper says:
    Capacity: 1.12 TB
    Available: 115 KB
    Used: 1.12 TB

    The Lower says:
    Capacity: 1.11 TB
    Available: 8.21 GB
    Used: 24.26 GB

    Anyone know whats going on or or what I should be looking for to see the HD free space, thanks.
  2. 4tune8chance thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 6, 2012
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. bill phillips macrumors regular

    Dec 8, 2012
    i dont have a new imac yet, waiting on my 27 in the mail. If its anything like my old mac all you have to do is click the apple logo on the top left screen of your desk top then click more info, then look up you should see something that says storage. Check that and it should tell you everything you want to know..Let me know if this helps
  4. BSoares macrumors regular

    Jun 22, 2012
    Some people on the Mac mini forum reported weird sizes like that and said to fix they do do a fresh install after destroying and re-doing the partition on disk utilities. Should say 1.12TB for total size and most of it free. At least those were the findings there. I'm waiting for mine which seems to be in KY right now.

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