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    Hi guys:

    i hv this question thats bothering me for a long time. i want to get an iMac for our house, i would use it for entertainment and gaming while my wife occasionally does her photo re-touch with adobe in OSX. I want both speed and capacity on both systems, however i can only install windows on the HDD with boot camp. which will b slow in windoes. so i come up with this solution:

    1. disable the fusion logic volume, hv the drives separated to the ssd and hdd. split both drives into 2 partitions. lets call them ssd1 ssd2 and hdd1 and hdd2.

    2. and then i was thinking combining SSD1 and HDD1 to a new logic fusion drive and install OSX on it. and then use boot camp to install windows on partition SSD2 and use HDD2 for storage. so that i get both speed and capacity on both system. has any1 done that b4? or is that even possible to do? or if any1 got a better solution for it?

    Or should i just disable the fusion setup and split the SSD to 2 partitions then install both systems on SSD and keep the whole HDD for storage?

    you suggestions and thought will b much appreciated.

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    The Fusion SSD portion is only 128GB ... too small to effectively split for dual operating systems. What you suggest is possible and I have done it, but with a larger SSD in a DIY Fusion installation.

    I would get a external Thunderbolt SSD and simply put my Windows environment on that, and leave the Fusion drive as-is for OS X. You can determine what size SSD you need for your intended Windows usage.

    For additional Windows bulk storage, you could either use BootCamp to create a "non-Fusion" partition on the internal hard disk (much as you would do to create a BootCamp installation on a Fusion drive), or add another external hard disk drive.

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