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Discussion in 'iMac' started by hotelfive, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. hotelfive macrumors newbie

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    I am planning on getting the new 21.5" iMac but am stumped about this Fusion Drive. I see the benefits of being able to load Lightroom and Photoshop faster, but my question is this: If I store all of my image files on a standard USB external drive, am I losing the benefits of the fusion drive? I understand I would be better to have my images on an external SSD or Thunderbolt but that's not an option for me at this time (I shoot weddings and would fill up an external SSD in no time). Is my USB external drive going to be a huge bottleneck when editing images, transferring files etc?
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    You might see some slow down but since the OS and Lightroom/Photoshop will be on the SSD portion of the Fusion drive, your entire processes will run faster no matter where you photos reside.
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    Why oh why are you storing on a USB drive. You should be creating your working catalogue on the main fast drive. Your archives go on catalogues on a fast external drive. That way Lightroom is fast and slick.
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    Honestly I fill a TB of space a year easily so keeping my main HD clean and my images on another drive (actually 2 as I duplicate the first so I always have 2 sets of my images) is just the way I've been doing it. I am currently using a MB Pro an it only has a 500 GB internal HD so it would be filled up in no time.
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    I think you're insane to be using a USB drive for working files from PS and LR. I've found a good workflow to be to use my local Dropbox for all working files (so as to access from all computers and any collaborators, as well as sending DL links to clients), then archiving to a large USB (connected to Airport) after project completion. Sometimes I'll end up with some working .tiff files well over 250MB and can't imagine writing to an external USB.

    If you partition your large external effectively, (separate FAT32, MAC OS, etc.) you can also shoot your TimeMachine(s) there as well.

    I purchased the fusion in hopes of decreasing all those nasty long bounces when running AI, PS, LR, at the same time.

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