Fusion Ignition: A new game for your iPad

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    Oct 22, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    Our new game "Fusion Ignition" is now available on the App Store. iPad only, iOS-7 only.
    About 25% of levels are free with one iAd per session, then eventually unlock everything with only one IAP.

    Thank you to check it out at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fusion-ignition/id717490884
    Your feedback is much appreciated.

    Here is now the App Store summary and a couple of low bandwidth screenshots:

    For scientists, Fusion Ignition is the point at which a nuclear fusion reaction becomes self-sustaining.

    In this puzzle game, inspired by real scientific advances in nuclear fusion, you are a young scientist eager to build a bright academic career by completing experiments of ever increasing difficulty.


    Fusion Ignition features:
    • A simple, yet addictive and original game suitable for any age.
    • Truly original gameplay mechanics: you have possibly never played anything similar.
    • 96 handcrafted levels ranging from “Picnic” to “Nightmare”.
    • Tutorials explain new features as you make progress within the game.
    • Support for four players, each of them independently building their own academic careers.
    • Game Center rankings.
    • Seven licensed ambient music tracks: About 25 minutes of real music, no loops.
    • Unlock all features and personae with only one In-App Purchase.


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    Oct 22, 2013

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