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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by c1987macguy, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. c1987macguy, Jul 5, 2011
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    Jul 5, 2011
    Most of my work is pro level Photoshop Photo imaging (large files/many layers) For this task a good iMac can now do the job. But I also run multiple apps relevant to imaging (+ streaming Pandora to stay awake). The rest of my workflow is 3D modeling/rendering 3-4K (high res) still images, rarely animation. For many of these tasks MP is the way to go. Apple seems to never offer MP with the fastest processors, so I it seems I have to choose between a fast single processor or slower MP's. I can be optimized for Photoshop OR 3D -but not both. I can't see the iMac being the Machine to run these power apps -esp 3D. (And I will never use a monitor w/out anti glare)

    I've been doing this work for over 20 yrs & don't want to switch platforms. (also can't believe they've abandoned 30" non glare cinema!) C'mon Apple -support your power graphics users -you built the brand on us. Advice from the forum appreciated -Most interested in Mac PRo future offerings/configurations.
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    Agreed...it is ridiculous that Apple only offers ONE external monitor option now, the 27" glossy Cinema HD display.

    Apple needs to re-introduce some matte display options like they did have, they were wonderful displays (I am talking about the 20", the 23" and the 30"). I have the 23" right now and it is still a wonderful display and has served me well for nearly 6 years. Those 30" displays are still around and you can find them on eBay, still getting a premium of $800 - $1000!
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    Buy any monitor you want, you're not locked into Apple. It's likely whatever you get will be less expensive, have more inputs, have more available adjustments, be able to rotate, change the height, etc etc
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    Given your stated usage, I'd recommend a SP Hex core, and get a good 3rd party monitor (i.e. NEC, LaCie, Eizo Nanao, ...) that uses an IPS based panel and CCFL backlighting. Personally, I'd go for an NEC as it has a really good price/performance ratio (particularly vs. Eizo Nanao these days).

    Worst case, you may need to use an adapter for the monitor (i.e. may only offer DVI-I and VGA inputs), but it's better than the 27" ACD.
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    Apple is a corporation, which means it has no brains, no conscience, and no loyalty (except to its shareholders). Ask a local 3rd party shop in a large town where an apple store opened what Apple loyalty means; but you better do it quick before they have to lock their doors. It's like having a really attractive, high maintenance girlfriend whose attitude is 'What have you done for me lately?".

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