Future of the (current) thunderbolt display

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    Hey everbody

    I currently own a mid-2012 Macbook Pro which is linked to a thunderbolt display.
    I'm planning on changing the MacBook Pro to the (hopefully) 2016 version. According to rumors, the 2016 version will be all USB-C (supporting thunderbolt 3).

    So, my question is (and i'm well aware that nobody knows for sure, i'm just asking for an opinion) : do you think Apple (or somebody else) will come up with an adapter allowing guys like me to use the thunderbolt display with a 2016 all USB-C MacBook Pro ? Is such a adapter even possible (i'd say yes) ? Well, in fact, maybe such an adapter already exists (but i don't think it's the case, the MacBook USB-C is not thunderbolt compatible, is it ?) ?!

    By the way, is Thunderbolt 3 (the version supposed to be supported by the 2016 rMBP) even backward compatible with Thunderbolt 1 (which is, i guess, the version used in the thunderbolt display) ?

    Thank you all for your answers & knowledge.
    Sorry if it has already been discussed.

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    TB 3 is backwards compatable so I'm sure there are some adapters and dongles out there .

    There is Kanex do one.


    And I'm sure that many more will appear with the new MacBooks TB3 is still a rare sight on pc's.
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    Sep 23, 2014
    Awesome, thank you very much !
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