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Discussion in 'iMac' started by richard.mac, Aug 19, 2008.

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    atm im researching into a future project that i will start when i buy my first house/property. similar to this project i want to wall mount an iMac in the kitchen to read news, watch videos/tv, recipes, listen to music when people come over and just to plain show off :D.

    im eying an aluminium 20" 2 GHz Core 2 Duo iMac atm on the refurb store but i have just found out that its not VESA compliant, only the 24" iMacs and the 20" pre iSight PPC iMacs are (presumably why the member in the above link chose a G5 iMac). but the 24" iMac is a bit over budget for me and i def want an aluminium Intel iMac.

    so heres the question… does anyone know if the aluminium 20" iMacs can be wall mounted? i know theres a product dedicated to wall mounting non VESA compliant iMacs at imacmount.com but the stand must be kept on and i want to remove the stand like in the Kitchen iMac project (i know picky :p). i found a guide here that tells how to mount a 20" Intel iMac. seems to work pretty well but you have to take apart the whole Mac to take the stand off… do you guys this this will work/worth it with an aluminium 20" iMac?
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    again, just wondering if anyone has any experience with mounting a 20" aluminium Intel iMac using the guide above and without using the mount from imacmount.com?

    i dont mind if no one knows as i wont be buying it for a while but its good to know in advance ;).
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    Removing The Stand - 20" Aluminum iMac

    Hi Rich,

    With the previous "white" model Intel 20" referenced, you are able to remove the back panel and access the stand assembly to remove the stand and apply the G5 VESA adapter kit provided by Apple at the time. With the new aluminum gen, the back panel is not removable.

    In speaking with various Apple reps, it has been explained to me that in order to access the stand assembly on the inside of the aluminum model, you will need to start by removing the screen and work your way back to the assembly removing various components in the process. After that, it is unclear what you will find and if you do happen to find the older G5 VESA adapter kit to apply (I do occasionally see them on eBay), if it will even work.

    I know that having the stand remain on the 20" iMac when mounting it is a compromise some users do not like. I receive emails daily regarding this from individuals who have limited mounting space and/or just don't like the look of the stand remaining on when mounted, and I truly wish I could come up with a solution for people. But, I do not see a way to remove the stand that is practical and will not potentially void warranty.

    Email me if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.


    Scott Powers
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    Wallmount 20" iMac Duo Core Aluminium model

    Yes, you can wallmount iMac from now onwards, but it takes some creativity and guts.

    First I tried to open my iMac via the front window to find out if it was possible to rebuild the aluminium stand. Unfortunately, this does not look a good idea to me afterall. Yes, I got to open it via the front 'glas' screen, de-mounted the aluminium frontframe and LCDscreen, but then I noticed a lot of miro-electronics and mini-cables which wasn't worth the effort to de-mount the whole computer before getting to the stand-connector. The risk destroying my iMac was too big.

    My second option was to cut of the stand with saw (!!! yes with a saw) and create a frame to attach to the wall. I have attached some foto's to this reply. (My idea was posted here at december 26, 15.23 hrs). Please email me if you want to use the same idea (rob.verhoeven@vwlan.nl).

    My iMac now hangs in the kitchen on my selfmade wallmount. I will send some pictures later on.

    You can use the PDF to create this model yourself. It takes some guts, but in the end it is a very good solution.

    In case you don't want to saw of the remaining part of your stand or you want to dis-mount it from the wall in the future, you always have the opportunity to fix the part which was cut of.

    Please contact me per mail in case you have more questions regarding this wallmount.

    Good luck,

    Rob Verhoeven

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