FW drive suddenly empty ! ? ! help.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by benpatient, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Nov 4, 2003
    Last night, I was converting Apple Lossless files that are stored on my WD MyBook Pro 500 GB drive into MP3 format so that they would all fit on my 30gb ipod, and itunes won't convert them automatically unless you have a shuffle or another smaller ipod.

    anyway, it took the macbook a few hours to do this, and I set it running, made sure it was working OK and that the files were being copied to a separate, smaller external hard drive ok (changed my itunes library location to the separate drive so I didn't duplicate my lossless library), and then went to bed.

    this morning I get up and check on it, and all of the files copied over to MP3s just fine, but the MyBookPro won't wake up, which has happened from time to time. Finder snagged, so I relaunched the finder and no go...the smaller external drive was responsive and just fine.

    so I disconnected the MyBookPro and rebooted. It came up on the desktop and shows zero files, and all 465 formatted GB at being "free."

    There was a lot more than music on this drive. a lot of important files and even some things that weren't backed up anywhere else.

    the MyBookPro has FW400, FW800 and USB connectors. The macbook doesn't have a FW800 port, so I can't connect to it that way, but I've tried USB, and i get the exact same situation. zero files, zero folders, 465 gb free.

    disk utility says the drive is fine and that it's empty.

    running the demo mode of Data Rescue II, i get no results for missing files from a "quick scan" and it looks like it sees files with a "thorough scan," but it also looks like it renames the files based on the detected file type and just calls them things like "microsoft_word_file_0001.doc" and bunches them all together. I'm looking at 380 GB of files, and since I am pretty sure that there is some simple little place on the drive that is corrupt, i would be really bummed out if that was the only recovery solution.

    The drive is formatted FAT32, because it was used to copy files from both a PC and a Mac...

    Is there some application I should look at that could do a better job than Data Rescue II? I don't want to pay 100 dollars for the full version of that if there is a solution that will let me get my files back with their real names.
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    did a search for recovery software...found very little info.

    i know it's only been an hour or two since I posted, but with no replies, post disappear into the back-page abyss long before someone with knowledge appears to reply...or so it seems.

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