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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by VanMac, Nov 19, 2006.

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    2 Questions related to new purchase of GS500 and video editing

    1. I have an iBook G4 with one FW400 port. Also have a Lacie BD Extreme 1TB with one FW400 and 2 FW800. I dont have enough disk space on iBook to transfer video to internal disk, that is why I have external. Unfortunately, cant have camera and external disk plugged in at the same time. I'm assuming the best approach is to get a FW Hub, unless there are any other great ideas out there. Is it possible to plug camera into FW800 port on Lacie with certain cable, or is it not possible to plug FW400 devices into FW800. If I get a FW HUB, do they work OK for video transfer, or any other suggestions....

    2. Also, my iBook does not have DVD burner, so need to figure out something there. Is it possible to upgrade combo drive to super drive? I suppose also I could get an external.....or...........

    I'm hoping to pickup a Mac Pro in the near future (less then 2 months all things going well), so dont want to invest too much $$ into resolving this.

    Thanks in advance......
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    you can definitely get a 6pin to 9pin firewire cable which will allow you to plug the hard drive to the computer (using this one) and the camera to the hard drive (4pin to 6pin).

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