FW800 Enclosures (no hard disk) for iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by costabunny, May 20, 2010.

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    So I am well on the way towards my 27" iMac. I have just finished transferring my files, work, backups and media from ext4 hard disks to hfs+ (via a combo of an OSX VM for disk util, and removing journaling/file-copying/re-enabling Journaling under ubuntu and the VM.

    This has me left with 1.5TB and 2TB HFS+ disks and my old dual bay USB enclosure (an Icy Box). I now need to start looking for a good FW enclosure/s to home these two drives. I have had a look about and the Icy Dock dual bay (supporting raid and also JBOD - important for this) looks like a winner (waiting on techies to answer me about putting drives with data on them in the enclosure in JBOD as I dont want to lose data).

    Are there any other options (most of the posts relate to single drive and/or supplied with disk enclosures). I really want something that is FW800 and lets me drop two disks in and just use them.

    I may put up a wanted to see if someone has unused enclosures for sale (perhaps where they have removed the disks and put them in their shiny Mac Pro?)

    what advice do you have for me here...
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