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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bonesone4, May 21, 2008.

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    I've been looking into taking a couple courses online at fxphd and wondered if anyone had any experience or feedback from the program or site. I'm interested mostly in learning Shake from the ground up. I currently use Final Cut Express and After Effects CS3 for my work but have been told by higher powers that now's the time to start learning Shake. Thoughts?

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    Hi Bones,

    I'm a member of FXPHD for over a year now, and I honestly have to say it's the best value for money decision I've ever made (with the exception of my wife and my pug, :D).

    I've taken all of the Shake classes and they're really very good. Tahl, the professor from most of them, is heavily active on the forums and will give you a lot of feedback if you post work, and so will everyone else. The Shake classes are still very popular, even though the program is no longer being developed by Apple it's still the foundation of most 2d compositing programs out there and you'll learn that if you can do it in Shake you can definitely do it in something else.

    The nice thing about shake is it comes with some very good documentation, and there's some good books out there, so there are quite a few resources ... but it's hard to get a lot of the real-world tricks and behind the scenes details of how to do everything faster, cheaper, and better. That's where FXPHD comes in, cause you'll learn more from your fellow students and seeing their work then you'll ever learn just out of a book or direct from lessons.

    And then there's all the other courses ... it really is a very good resource, and I can't recommend it enough.

    Also don't give up on After Effects ... even though I don't use it I'm taking one of the classes right now that is full of all these tricks that Gareth Edwards used on his Attila and while they're very applicable to Shake and Nuke, it's really showing me just how incredibly powerful AE can be.

    Anyway, let me know if you sign up. Username on there is the same as on here.


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