FYI: iPad v.s PlayBook 2 comparison

Discussion in 'iPad' started by niotio910, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. brand macrumors 601


    Oct 3, 2006
    Completely pointless since the iPad 3 is due to launch in a couple of weeks.
  2. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    LOL, true enough.

    I also noticed that the article doesn't really mention third-party apps, especially productivity and content creation apps. Out of the box, the Playbook may come with better PIM apps, but the staggering number of third-party apps for the iPad means that it can become pretty much anything you need.
  3. maclook macrumors 65816

    Nov 2, 2008
    I scrolled down to see if there was any video. The first video I found was for a multitasking comparison. Watch some of that video and you'll realize it's not worth your time because the guy is a noob. Obviously bias but the bigger issue is that he's a noob.
    -He thinks the four finger swipe needs to be done from the bezel when, in reality, it can be done anywhere on the screen.
    -He thinks your hand needs to rotate 90 degrees so that it is parallel with the bezel.
    -He argues that to four finger swipe to swap between applications requires two hands. To go to the next application, you use one hand and to go to the previous application, you have to switch hands for it to be comfortable. It's not "optimal" he says. This is mostly because he thinks you need to rotate your hand to be parallel with the left and right bezel to do the swipe.

    I'm sure there's more stuff but that's enough to know that the guy doesn't know what he's talking about. I know old people who know nothing about tech who can use multitasking gestures better than him.
  4. deeddawg macrumors 604

    Jun 14, 2010
    I say reading the comments was amusing. A few valid points, lots of people with their heads in the sand. Which I'd expect the other way 'round if Macrumors did a PB / iPad comparison; just the nature of forumites. :)
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    Jan 6, 2005
  6. LostSoul80 macrumors 68020


    Jan 25, 2009
    Typical Apple fans are typical.

    The Playbook is a great tablet. Love it.
  7. DaQuickPG macrumors member

    Jun 3, 2011
    while waiting on ipad 3 release playbook went on sale for $200, I bought it and don't regret it. after ipad the best tablet. still getting ipad 3 but love my pb.

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  8. wrinkster22 macrumors 68030


    Jun 11, 2011
    this is bias- it is posted by an blackberry fanboy.
    EDIT: I just read that article- whoever wrote that is stupid. BB gets 10 for (almost) everything.
    I am going to buy an iPad and a playbook for my 92 year old grandma and see which is easter to use, organize apps, add contacts, etc.
  9. MRU, Feb 25, 2012
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    Aug 23, 2005
    I have a playbook. Selection of apps is appalling, but it's a nice tablet hindered by the lack of them. Hoped Android and OS 2 would usher in a tidal wave, but appears most are 'crapps' (apps utterly pointless that only exist so andriod developers could avail of the free playbook for developers offer) .

    OS 2 won't usher in a tidal wave of new users but it may stop existing playbook users ditching the device in the interim.

    It's a shame cause qnx, like WebOS has some nice features.

    And that article was ridiculously bias. Look at gaming, the playbook gets an 8 despite the act there's only about a dozen games for it and they are all more expensive thn the iPads. Compare that to te literally hundreds on the iPad and it only gets 2 points more?

    Calendar and Contacts app are genuinely nice on OS 2 but they should be we have had to wait nearly a year for them. And the lack of BBM on playbook still is inexcusable when even apple offers the similar messages app for the past year.
  10. ravenvii macrumors 604


    Mar 17, 2004
    Melenkurion Skyweir
    Just watched a part of the video and you nailed it.

    This noob has no business comparing the two.
  11. Vindicator macrumors member

    Mar 20, 2011
    Playbook multitasking missing alot of things. Like background services, push notification, system-wise location-based reminder/schedule alert.

    In default mode, everything are pause in background, nothing work, even browser stop loading. In showcase mode, you must keep app alive to able receive notification (todo, task, alarm,... app). Not to mention you need to micromanagement app because when system out of memory, apps just refuse to open or crash.

    While it is cool to have a game still run in background, it isn't a elegant solution to do multitasking on a single-window/single-app tablet device. What is the point of app still render UI in background when you can't see it anyway.

    That article is hilarious when they don't even compare the app quality and selection which is a huge factor in any general purpose computing device.

    You hardly can find a half-decent PDF viewer on the Playbook, let alone a PDF viewer/manager/annotate in a same class with GoodReader. And this is just one of many basic function.

    BTW you guys must visit their forum, it's filled with people who think QNX is the future of mobile computing and every other tech company are so scared of it they must team up and bash RIM via media =)
  12. deeddawg macrumors 604

    Jun 14, 2010
    Did I say anything negative about the Playbook? Did I make any mention of the comparison article content? What's with the "typical Apple fans" jab?
  13. fertilized-egg, Feb 25, 2012
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    Dec 18, 2009
    That's something Playbook really struggles with. For instance, they gave iPad a 10 and Playbook a 7 for photography and videography. They didn't mention anything about iMovie or any other apps, just built-in ones. Playbook doesn't even deserve 7 when you consider how little it can do in comparison to iPad in those areas. Likewise, iPad gets 10 for gaming and Playbook gets 8? :eek:

    This type of comparison is often used to give an illusion of objectivity but really, the criteria and the scale of rating are completely arbitrary.

    It's a decent tablet. The main problem is as a Playbook user, I can't really think of any strong reason that I'd recommend it over Android tablets, let alone iPad. The only thing it has going is the 7" form factor which is better for some, but there are now millions of cheap decent 7" Android tablets.

    Or maybe it's a USA conspiracy to kill off a hard working Canadian company ;)
  14. Buildbright macrumors 6502a

    Aug 25, 2011
    Who wants a tablet that took almost a year to become useable.

    I was at best buy and watched three people go up to the playbook and two of them were complaining because they could not find a way to turn it on. Lol.
  15. dingster1 macrumors regular

    Mar 1, 2008
    Every time I've gone into Best Buy the display unit is never charged so you can actually try it out.
  16. meechy macrumors 6502

    Jul 24, 2010
    I have both iPad 2 and playbook and both are great. Only thing and a very big thing that lets the playbook down is lack of apps. The os on the playbook is better than iOS in my opinion. Browser is fantastic, much much better than any browser on any android tablet but the iPad 2 browser is slightly better. Also love the screen.

    The thing need more apps, thousands of more quality app which I doubt is gona happen anytime soon, if at all. Ah well im still keeping my playbook no matter what as i got it cheap and im gona get rid of the iPad 2 for the iPad 3 :D
  17. Abazigal macrumors G3


    Jul 18, 2011
    Yeah, that puzzles me. The non-ipad tablets are never charged/switched on at my local store either. There seems to be some sort of paper display or sticker on the screen simulating the arrangement of icons and the like. What's the point again? :confused:
  18. gpsouza macrumors 6502


    Jan 1, 2012
    So, this guy actually believes that a 9.7 inch display may use 1-finger-multitasking move? That's horrible!

    I use zephyr with my iPhone and i get constantly switching apps because of this! I can't even imagine for the iPad. This guy only doesn't know how to use it...

    Yeah, 1 finger is great, for a 7 inch display.
  19. fertilized-egg macrumors 68020

    Dec 18, 2009
    The power button design is one of more frequently cited design flaws of Playbook. It's just so small and hard to press. To be fair, you can use the swipe gesture to turn it on, but a prospective customer wouldn't have known that.

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