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    I have a couple of questions for owners of G-Tech drives. I have a SOHO and want to upgrade my externals (I use crashplan for my cloud backup and Dropbox, iTunes & iCloud, for file sharing). I am not interested in a NAS as my needs are pretty simple, we run one TV on an Apple TV2/Cable Box and a stereo system off of a second TV2. I am planning on replacing my old external HDD with a G-Safe for my biz files, websites, photos, etc. Currently my iTunes folder is on my main iMac backed up by a TC. I want to move it off my iMac to an external if possible. I was thinking of either a G-Drive or G-Raid, 2TB, for an iTunes drive but I am concerned about noise as the drives will be close to me and I may want to enjoy classical music as I work. I would be very interested in reading opinions about using a G-Drive vs. G-Raid (0) for an iTunes drive. If the noise might be too much I may want to keep iTunes on my iMac and expand to a 2TB iMac/MacPro when the next redos happen. I was also wondering if the G-Safes are any quieter?

    Thanks, I appreciate your replies,

    P.S. - I have already ruled out Drobo.
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    I have two, they are great. They are somewhat loud though.

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