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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by DELINDA, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Two ?? . iphoto wants to know if I want to connect to it or some other software . When I got the G 10 for Christmas I followed the instructions and put in canons software . So which one should I use ? #2 After touching up a photo in PS cs 3 i hit save and choose pictures . Problem is I never find what I saved . I am not a good filer . What is your method and how can I improve my filing skills . I 'm just not organized .
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    It that's the case then remoe the Canon software and set things up so that iPhoto runs when the camera is connected. Keep all the image inside the iPhoto library. It will organize them by date for you automatically but if you take the time to tag to photos with descriptions then you can sort and search based on the tags.

    PS CS3 will work well with iPhoto ab place the image back inside the iPhoto library when you hit "save".
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    I use Lightroom 2.2 for managing all my photos.

    But my directory structure is pretty simple:

    Parent drive (RAID Array)-> Folder named "Photos" -> Subfolder by project name -> sometimes another folder if multiple dates are involved

    Lightroom does a good job automatically managing your imports, if you so choose.

    Aperature and iPhoto also have utilies for managing your libraries.
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