G4 -> iMac G5 migration

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by TheMayor, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. TheMayor macrumors newbie

    Dec 10, 2004
    I'm trying to convert my database on my G4 to my new imac G5 via firewire.
    Does anyone know if that's possible and the procedure?
    For some unknown reason my G4 keeps crashing when I try to attempt this. :eek:
  2. maya macrumors 68040


    Oct 7, 2004
    somewhere between here and there.
    Use FireWire target mode (hold **** and T at start up) or is it (Apple and T). Anyhow connect both computers via FireWire cable start up the G4 in Target mode.

    And you should be well on your way. :)
  3. Washco macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2004
    I just did this very same thing 5 days ago. When you start up your new G5 iMac, it will ask you if you want to transfer over data from another mac. It will then prompt you to hook up to the other mac via a firewire cable...must be a 6 pin cable...then you start up your g4 holding down the 'T' key as you do so. It will start up showing a blue screen with the yellow firewire symbol moving around. Then it will prompt you with a screen of what to choose to move over. You choose what you want and bam!!! Done! Man its so easy. Ya just gotta love Apple!!!

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