G4 Powerbook to MacBook or MacBook Pro?


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Aug 22, 2007
To whom that can help me out in a good way:

I've been seriously contemplating a fond farewell to my Powerbook 1.67ghz. It's seen its days and I think it will be better off running away with a strange ebayer by the end of this year.

The problem started when I seriously started to consider what to get next. A MacBook or a MacBook Pro? The thing is, if I'm going to get the MacBook, I'm going to go for the Black and loaded up as much as monetarily possible. With the MacBook Pro, I'm considering the basic one, maybe with the HD upgrade to 160GB.

If it does help, I'm a professional sports photographer and to be absolutely honest with you, I was waiting for the "ultra wafer thin sliced" MacBook something, as less weight and portability is what I was looking for.

I do use PS (CS2) a bit here and there, but no Lightroom or no Aperture (this might change when I do decide to use either of them sometimes in the far flung future). No games and no 3D apps for me and therefore graphics card isn't important for me, really.

At home, I currently connect my PowerBook to a Lacie 321 monitor and would like to do the same for my next purchase. I know both MacBook and MacBook Pro will support the resolution of this monitor.

From the predictions I have read on this forum, sounds like there will be a new MacBook by the end of the year.

So which one deserves my hard earned cash?


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Jun 1, 2006
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I like Pro

I just upgraded from my 1.5 so I feel ya. I went for the mbp because I do editing and use the express34 slot for a RAID system. I like the pros because of the aluminum casing more than anything. If I were in your shoes, I would choose the aluminum only because I've seen so many ibook problems and don't really trust the plastic casing because I'm run and gun with my electronics. I need a robust machine. Makes me feel warm at night. And- it's gonna outsmoke the macbook. Does the macbook even have fw800? Check out Apple's special deals and refurbs. I scored an awesome price on a 17'' for the price of a 15. You may be able to score a nice pro for the price of a mb. Though- you're fine with a macbook I guess :rolleyes: I just loves me the aluminum.
Good luck!


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Mar 15, 2005
I'm somewhat in your same shoes, but my PB is much slower than yours. I am also torn which way to go. I suspect that I'll be going to a MBP because to me it would feel like a down-grade to go from the aluminum to the plastic case. True enough, the MB will smoke my PB just as much as the MPB will, so it is not a case of downgrading.

Depending on which PB you have, the screen real estate will either be the same for you on the MB or a bit smaller. The very last iteration of the PB upped the graphics resolution to 1440 x 960 (dual layer superdrive) over the 1280 x 854 (single layer superdrive). The MB have 1280 x 854.

For me, I want as much real estate as I can get and as a photographer, I'm thinking you'd like that as well. The MB weights 5.2lbs and the MBP weights 5.6lbs. So the portability is not all that different, IMO.

As to the notion of the refurb, the bummer is that if you want the 160GB (like me), then either you need to have the 2.2 upgraded by a third party or yourself, or you'd need to buy the 2.4 model.


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Aug 22, 2007
I'm in a similar situation and I have to say I'm leaning toward the macbook and not the pro. I really love my 1.5GHz 15-inch, and I even got the graphics card upgrade when I bought it thinking I would do a lot more gaming than I ever actually did. It suffers from a burned-out RAM slot (didn't fall within the recall list, though it should have if you ask me) so it maxes out at 1Gb of RAM.

The issues for me are the fact that MB doesn't have Firewire 800 (I got a FW800 external HD exactly because my PB had that capacity) and the lack of a graphics card upgrade for the MB (I do a fair amount of photo editing and some video stuff on occasion).

Turns out, though, that my girlfriend is getting a new MB next week and I'll have a chance to see how it performs with the basic media stuff I tend to do (hopefully well enough). The plus side of the MB is important to me. I actually want something smaller than 15-inches, and even if it's only a third of a pound lighter that's not insignificant. Also, it's really a lot cheaper even if you max out the RAM (around 1,500 as compared to over 2,000). Better to save some $ and spend it on some new peripherals . . . .

Still mulling it over, I have till January to decide, which is nice. . . .


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Aug 22, 2007
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