g4 powermac wireless n. choices?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Toby Goodbar, Apr 13, 2010.

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    i have a g4 powermac with an airport card in it. recently i realized that this a "b" card. since i have now acquired a macbook that i believe utilizes "n" capability and am soon buying a router that can take full of advantage of this, i want a way to add "n" to my g4 powermac since it houses all of my media and i want it to double as a "media server". I also moved recently and due to the location of my router. wired ethernet is not an option for the powermac.

    So i am trying to figure out what my options are to add "N" capability while hopefully using the stock built in airport software in leopard. i have seen that there are newer airport "n" cards but it seems to me that they will not work in an older g4 powermac machine.

    is this true?
    is there a work around?
    is there a 3rd party option that will work with the airport icon on the menu bar?

    TIA eagerly waiting responses
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    no chance with the "airport icon"

    I have no idea which Wifi adapter will work BUT

    Please save the Planet( having a whole pc running 24/7 is waisting LOTS of energy :eek: )

    Get a router that supports USB HDD's (some even do eSata) connect a USB HDD (get a enclosure for the one in your Powermac) and BOOM :D

    you just saved our Planet, and you have a much better solution

    (since we are in a Apple Forum, get a time capsule :apple: )
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