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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacDann, Jul 22, 2007.

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    I apologise for my poor memory, but wasn't there a PCI video card that was very expensive in the Mac version as opposed to the PC version for this and similar models? And the PC version could be flashed or modded so it would work in a G4?

    Can someone refresh my memory? I've got a friend with a G4 who wants to upgrade their video card, I this was a niggling little memory in the back of my mind....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Quicksilvers use AGP cards, so the best one you can get for it is a Radeon 9800. The mac version is still fairly pricey (~$200 IIRC) but you can usually find a flashed pc model for ~$75 or so. I have one in my QS & it works great !

    The PCI card you refer to is the Radeon 9200 (among others). A good card for it's time, but long since outdated. Amazingly, they still sell for ~$120 @OWC though :eek:
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    G4 video card options..


    no doupt about it the Radeon 9800 is the best card out there when it comes to the best graphic power. However I want you to know this card is a hot runner and will rise your inside G4 temperatur quiet a bit. Also you can not run two 23' cinema HD displays at once or one 30' display because you will need two dvi ports. The Radeon 9600 can do this. However, if you look for a less price and still a great card, then you want to look for the G4 Ti moddel with 128 MBs. This was the exclusive built to order card in 2003 and the best graphic option at this time for the G4 MDD. It's a great card and if you look long enough you can find it on e-bay for 100 bucks. I have seen one last week, you may still find it.

    Good luck with you decision


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