G4 tower monitor?

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    My art teacher apparently has a G4 tower that she's not using because her monitor died. She's stuck with a PC laptop. I can pretty easily get a cheap CRT monitor for her, IF it'll work fine with a mac computer. I know a little bit about macbooks and macbookpros, but nothing about G4's :) Can anyone tell me definitively if a stnadard CRT monitor with VGA cable will work, or what kind of adaptor cable (DVI to VGA?) I need. I don't know if G4's came in different types or anything, so if there ar emore questions I need to ask her to find out what kind of monitor to find for her, I can do that. And it might seem wierd for a student to get a monitor for a teacher, but it's a small private school and she and I discuss books all the time, so it's not like I'm trying to get a good grade or anything :) Thanks!
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    A lot of those had the older ADC connector, which combined DVI and power into one cable. For that you'd need an adapter to use a regular VGA or DVI display.
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    There are actually a total of about 9 different generations of G4 towers sold over a period of about 4 years. Each of these were available with several different possible graphics cards--usually at least a "base" and "pro" one, sometimes more in between

    The earliest ones had a standard VGA port. The last ones came with one standard DVI port and one Apple-specific ADC port. In between there were mixes of these, I think--some had an ADC and VGA port if memory serves.

    So the answer depends on exactly which G4 she has and what card is in it. If it's one of the ones with a VGA port, any CRT will work just fine. If it only has ADC and/or DVI ports, then you'll need to buy an adapter to go from the DVI or ADC (both also carry a VGA analog signal) to VGA; these generally run $20 to $30 I think, and are easy enough to find.

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