G4 Tower, Studio Display "clear" CRT

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by ChrisA, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I have a G4 tower system with a "studio Display" I don't have room to store. It boots up to the log in screen. I'll sell it, trade it or whatever. I'm oviusly noot looking to get rich selling this, If you can use it let me know.

    One project I wanted to do with it was to replace the motherboard with new intel i7 quad core and build a "legal hacintosh." Why would it be legal? Apple says you can install Mac OS into any "Apple branded' computer and they do not prohibit hardware upgrades. This tower fits "normal" PC motherboards and pc power supplies. I will never have time to do this. But it would be cool to own a quad core i7 Mac tower.

    The Studio Display is the best looking CRT type display i've seen. It has the clear cover so you can see the "insides". The AC power and USB data and video signal all comes in via one custom cable so this monitor ONLY works with the custom graphic card that it came with. THis seems to work fine. Very sharp and bright CRT. It is the coolst looking "retro" monitor I've ever seen (except for the operator console of a CDC6600.)

    I also have a "normal" video card in an anti-static bag included.

    There is a phone modem card installed and an audio card but no WiFi card.

    I'll sell for under market value or trade for "whatever". I can ship it but it is going to cost a LOT to ship. I'm in Redondo Beach, CA 90278. I'll take about 75% of whatever these sell for on eBay OBO.

    One more thing... While it did just boot and let me log in using my old password I'm selling this as "For Parts Or Repair". Zero warranty. This thing is just to old. But I do have photos of the log in screen.

    Power Mac G4, 1.2GHz
    boots Mac OS X 10.3.9
    896 MB SDRAM
    CPUs 1
    Graphics ATY.Rage128Pro (AGP Bus)
    120GB WD ATA type disk
    Pioneer DVD-RW DVT-104

    Cosmetics: Not bad at all, nothing looks broken, no big scratches, The screen on the CRT sems to have what looks like a tint that is slightly word near the top. Screen is brighter in the worn off places. Likely this is from cleaning the glass a few to many times.

    If you live in So Cal you can come and pick it up or look at it. This is likely not such a good deal if you have to have it shipped.

    Again the price is "75% or less of whatever you think is a fair price" and remember it is "for parts or repair" if you are not local, "working, as is" if you come to pick it up.

    Contact me at albertson.chris (at) google (dot) com

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