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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by amemoryoncelost, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Jun 14, 2004
    So I bought a powermac G4 a couple of years ago. It's the dual 800 quicksilver and I got it off ebay. Good deal at the time and the computer has never let me down. Weird thing is, in the bottom PCI slot has been these two connections that I've never known about. I got a good deal on a dual 2.7 powermac and need to sell this now and wondering what it's worth. So before I get that price, I'm gonna try to see if this will add to the value or not or even just find out what it is. On the actual card it has the word ATTO, which seems to be a company that makes several different PCI cards for macs. Here is an external picture of the card:


    Thanks for any helps or ideas...
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    I accidentally my whole location.
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    It's a SCSI adapter. You'll need to look for markings on the card or bracket to figure out what model.
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    IMGIR, It's a high performance, 2 channel SCSI card.

    The chance of you having drives to utilize this are slim to none, and buying SCSI drives is horribly expensive. Good only for audio and video editing suites that can spend $1K Per drive.
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    The only thing on it are a couple of serial numbers. Actually, now that I'm looking, it says expressPC-DC on it twice, so that's probably the model. Couple searches later, it looks like a SCSI card for pro tools.

    It's listed on the site as a discontinued card:

    I also found one of the cards listed on ebay here:

    So is this something I should pull out and list here to see if someone wants it or even try ebay? I mean, I'd rather it go to someone who could actually use it than move it along with the computer and have the next person in line never use it.
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    Do you have price in mind?

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    no idea for a price, but feel free to PM any offers and we'll go from there...

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