G5 2.5 dual leaks out - again!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fotomatt, Dec 10, 2010.

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    I was one of the unfortunate users of the G5 dual (2.5 model from June 2004).

    For those researching why your G5 is freaking out:
    Essentially, when a G5 "bleeds out" (also referred to by some at Apple as "a bleeder"), it fries the motherboard. You will experience bizarre problems which will all seem software-related. Symptoms include: strange mouse behavior (short of finding mice poop on your pad), USB issues, failure to boot properly, failure to backup properly, and the huge indicator: the fans working overtime and occasionally screaming!

    In 2009 Apple agreed to repair this issue. It took quite a bit of research and documentation of other users who had repairs done free of charge. I took the computer in to an Apple store and in April 09, I received back a computer with entirely new guts. $1200 in repairs.

    Now, about 1 year and a half later, the machine is leaking out again. I am in the process of researching secondary bleedouts.

    Apple Customer Service - to their credit (so far) - seems to agree. I have been issued a new case ID number and sent photos of the bleed. The rep told me it is being passed up to an engineer and I will hear back next week.

    Fingers are crossed and I continue researching users who have suffered a secondary bleedout.
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    Best of luck to you. Maybe they'll exchange it for a new Mac Pro.
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    The issues are well-documented....this is why liquid cooling is still largely restricted to the realm of hobbyist machines. Even the best liquid cooling systems occasionally fail, with predictably catastrophic results.

    I know it will be unwelcome news but your best bet is to get yourself a new machine - air-cooled and sporting Intel CPUs.

    The Intel transition has cut short the life of the G5 somewhat, or at least made it more worthwhile to upgrade for G5 owners.
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    Push Apple to replace with a new or at least a refurbed Mac Pro.

    That is a seven year old G5 and always leaking... sometimes dangerously.

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