G5 d-2.0 refurb on it's way, what next?


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Jun 29, 2005
Looking for input on pieces parts I want to get next.
memory- how much to use Imovie, garage band? The specs say the box is coming with 512 so I am going to assume there is 2 sticks of 256 coming in this thing. (maybe more memory coming according to some other threads :) )
Get 2 sticks of 1 gig? What kind o memory are you using?

Isight...is it worth the dough? Does logitech have a cam for the mac?

Monitor...I am running dual Dell 20"z on my pc. I think I may get another one for this mac. Any other recommendations on screens?



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Jan 24, 2005
St. Louis, MO
You may well get more memory (or other stuff). I got 2x512mb instead of the 2x256 on my refurbished. I also got a 250gb HD instead of the 160gb stock drive. Free bonuses are always good!

I dropped in 4x512mb RAM from Crucial. There are probably cheaper alternatives out there though. I chose to go with the 512s because they were cheaper and my dual 2.5 has 8 slots. I'm not sure how many yours has, but if you've got 8, you could opt for the 512 sticks. I've got 3gb RAM in my machine, and can still upgrade to 5gb if I need/want to.

How much for iMovie and Garageband? It depends on how intensely you are using these apps, of course, but I'd say at least 1.5gb for decent use. I don't use them all that much though...

As far as the iSight goes, unless you know and would videochat with other people who are using iChat and an iSight themselves, I'd skip it. I have one and it just sits on my monitor and never gets used. The video chat barely works (if at all) with AIM on windows and all the other services. I was disappointed.


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Apr 17, 2004
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You'll need an A/D interface if you plan to record any analog sounds
in GarageBand, Logic or ProTools M-Powered

The M-Audio FireWire 410 is a good starting point and it allows you to use all three audio applications. Retail $399.95
This would be the way to go for guitar, miked instruments or vocals without sacrificing any audio quality.

To access the GarageBand instruments via midi controller keyboard
M-Audio makes 2 really cool 'lil Keyboard controllers with a built in audio interface.

The USB Ozone offeres alot for $300

built-in 2 x 2 24-bit/96kHz audio interface
inputs for mic, instrument and stereo aux
stereo and headphone outs, zero-latency monitoring
25 full-sized keys w/ 8 MIDI-assignable knobs
only 4lbs—fits in Studio Pack, Oxygen Tank or 19” rack



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Jul 26, 2004
Burlington, VT
If the M-AUDIO ozone had MIDI-in I would have bought it in a second. I already have a larger keyboard with MIDI-out and this little guy would have been perfect for when my friends with guitars come over to play. I could have used my full size keyboard through this one.


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Apr 17, 2004
A Stoned Throw From Ground Zero
I have the M-Audio 49e Keystation and honestly, while it's nice to have
49 keys, it takes up alot of desk space.

The octave controls on the 25 key models make it very handy
for general noodling about.