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    I had previously posted this in the "Mac Pro" forum and am moving it here as suggested by a reader.


    I have this used old liquid cooled G5 CPU (2005?) that's been in storage about 5 years. It won't start up although the liquid cooling doesn't seem to be leaking and the motherboard 'appears' undamaged.

    What should I do with it?

    I kind of hate to trash it. Is it Hackintosh material?

    I presently use a 2010 3.33Ghz 6-core MP and don't want anything slower than this.
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    If there is zero activity when you press the power switch or if you hear any clicking noise from the machine when pressing I would suspect power supply.

    Trashing that machine would indeed be shame, but on the other hand, it is old technology with almost no support so depending on the price and availability of spare parts (whatever they are in this case) it might or might not be worth it... and of course it is slower than Mac Pro so probably you are not going to buy spare parts.
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    I second the likely-hood of the power supply. In terms of hackintosh'ing they're very desirable - by stripping it down, getting the front IO wired up & fitting a mobo tray you could at least get a decent amount of money back off it.
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