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Jan 22, 2005
I did a search but didn't find much. I have a G5 dual processor 1.8 GHz PowerPC. I like it, not doubt and have been a Mac man for years. Problem is with all this power why does it take so long to print? I have two printer hooked up. One is a Brother HL 1440 laser printer and the other is an HP 5850 deskjet. When I send something to the printer it seems like it takes forever to get there and begin the print process. Doesn't seem to matter whether it's photo or simply text. I have - sadly- a PC in my office at work and when you hit print the printer begins working almost immediately. Any suggestions/answers or is this just the way it works? Seems to me that with two processors it should scream through the print process. Thanks for your help.


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Jul 7, 2004
Well, let's start with the obvious questions that will be asked:
1. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers and software that came with the printers?
2. Are the printers hooked up to your computer through a usb hub ?
3. If so is the hub powered by the computer or external power supply and are there any other devices hooked up to the hub?
4. Have you tried having one printer plugged in at one time?
5. Are there any processes in the background running that is hogging up cpu power or the usb bus?

1. Bad drivers can often be the problem. Look for new drivers at the manufactor websites.
2. If the printers are hooked up through a hub, the hub might not be able to draw enough power to power all the devices. Try hooking the printers directly up to the computer
3. same as 2, plus other devices can be hogging the usb bus which causes the signal to the printer to be slowed.
4. The 2 printers might have conflicts when plugged in (they shouldn't but you never know). Try having one printer plugged in at a time
5. If you have alot of processes eating up the cpu, then the time it takes the signal to reach the printer is slowed by the processor. Open Activity monitor and see if there are any processes running at a unsusally high cpu %

Of course I could be completely incorrect in my assesment.


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Jan 22, 2005
1. I have reinstalled the print drivers many times. Doesn't seem to help
2. The HP is hooked up through a hub and the laser directly. Doesn't seem
to make much difference
3. The hub I am using is powered by an external source
4. I haven't tried only one printer at a time but will. Seems to me though
that as poweful a machine as this is supposed to be that wouldn't
make a difference.
5. I checked the Activity monitor but doesn't seem to be anything there
that looks out of place.

Maybe it's just me but it seems like only one processor is running or something. I don't know or understand exactly how they operate with each other, whether they operate together or one operates until it reaches a certain point or load and then the other kicks in. It just seems like printing is the place I notice it most. A "rival" of mine who is a PC fanatic makes a point of telling me about how slow it is for such a great big machine!!

Thanks for your help!
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