Galaxy Note 4 Features Roundup

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    I thought I'd put up this thread just to round up the features of the Note 4 for those interested in gettting this amazing phone. It seems the other thread has been derailed and cluttered.

    I can't believe I never paid any attention to the Note line before. It actually took the buzz from the media of a metal frame (with magnesium brackets) for me to even look this way and to start reading up on it. Now, I'm all in. Can't wait to pick one up.

    The S-Pen and multitasking with multiwindow really is amazing on this device. This is why every other phone with a big display is just that, a phone with a big display, nothing more. Let me be honest for a second, I love my Windows Phone, but there is truly nothing that can objectively compare to the Note 4 and all it's functionality. It's the ultimate phone for power users, but at the same time the casual user will love it for it's amazing display and camera. I will most likely put the whole family on the Note 4 come January, but I'll be getting mine launch day.

    Powerful Performance

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    Agreed, looking forward to it!
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    It's the only device worth talking about until the nexus 6 is announced.
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    Nice thread! :)

    Here's another must-have link for Note 4 (or the older models too) enthusiasts: The Daily, add it to your OP if you want! The guy doing these vids goes through everything with the Note series, features, tips and tricks etc. He only has a few vids for the Note 4 yet but he adds a new one almost every day.
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    Does anyone know whether the adaptive charging may cause damage to the battery, especially if used a lot. Is it best to turn off this feature unless you really need it?
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    Remember the battery is user replaceable, don't worry about damage......Also Samsung actually tests its products and adaptive charging is similar to how Apple uses their lightning cable so the technology has been out for a while....

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