Galaxy S3: Apple Better Wake Up!


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Jul 12, 2008
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Here's why Android users and iOS users are fundamentally different: I don't want to install a launcher or tamper with ROMs to like my phone, I want to like it and use it right out of the box. I've got better things to do than sit around trying to customize my phone all day.

And TouchWiz isn't just a skin, they themed the entire OS with their ugly cartoon icons and color palette.
:rolleyes: Give us a break. You and others install Apps all the time to improve your phone. Anytime you install a camera app, music app, you jialbreak it or anything else you add to it from iTunes, you did it to improve your phone or customize it so please stop with that.

You act like installing a Launcher is some big process. It takes no more time to do that than to install a game for which im sure you have many. I dont prefer to use Touchwiz myself so i have another launcher i use. People like you kill me. You damn well know if you could do things like use a different launcher or choose a different browser you sure as hec would and be estatic about it and claim Apple are innovators doing those things.


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Aug 6, 2010
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Thank you for such a wonderful, detailed response.

Every day I have been sitting here wondering if this is the day I will visit the AT&T store and trade my iPhone 4 for the Galaxy S3.

I have spent hours reading user reviews across several different forums.

The thing that is keeping me rooted to my iPhone is the unknown announcement from Apple in about two weeks.

There has been more leakage about this new iPhone than any other Apple product I have ever seen. You would think that we know everything about the new iPhone.

...then again, there's always the chance that the leakage has been intentional and come September 12th, Apple is going to show us something that will knock our socks off.

I keep thinking of the FoxConn CEO who said that iPhone 5 "Will Put Galaxy SIII to Shame." Could have been false propaganda -or- perhaps a warning to Apple users not to jump ship just yet.

Come September 12th, if the new iPhone turns out to be everything we thought it would be, you can bet that I'll be buying a Galaxy S III.

I think that, that is a very wise decision, for the sake of a couple of weeks I would do exactly the same, I changed from a 4S to a S3 and couldn't be happier, I still have an upgrade and will be watching the next iPhone announcement with interest.


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Jun 19, 2009
iOS 5 runs like crap even on the iphone 4. At least on android when a core feature like maps or Gmail or Google play receives an update, you can upgrade via market regardless of what os version your phone is currently on. So in essence all the functionalities are still there because the core goodies are not baked into your os like iOS where you need a full version upgrade just to enjoy similar features.
strange, ios 5 runs just fine on my wife's 4

the rest doesn't make sense. everything in the app store works on 1-2 versions of iOS back


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Dec 4, 2009
There are some great programs for the Mac that make calendar input much easier than opining iCal directly. Fantastical is one such program.

If I could keep using my iCal on my Mac as I normally do, yet have iCal somehow sync with Google Calendar, that would be tremendous.

As for my email, I already received an offer in this thread for IMAP setup assistance (which I may take advantage of). So, essentially all my email can still be kept in check.

Contacts? Would love to be able to enter a contact on my Mac and have it sync to the Galaxy.

As long as I can be assured that there is syncing across the board, I would feel much easier about switching to the Galaxy 3.

Even as I sit here at work typing his, I have two co-workers who just bought the GS3 and love it.
FWIW, you can sync your Mac Contacts list by adding your gmail address to the Macmail, then under settings in your address book, select the checkbox that says sync with google. Voila!

Not sure about the calendar thing though. Might be an existing workaround via google search.