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    Galaxy Wars – Ice Empire is an amazing strategic game of space combat.
    Command your ships with a simple tap, destroy enemies and conquer all the planets!

    Galaxy Wars – Ice Empire is an exciting mix of strategy and speed, storm the enemy planets and make your way in the galaxy.
    Increase your fleet to every planet conquered and use the stored energy to improve the firepower, strength and speed of your ships.

    5 difficulty levels
    4 galaxy sizes
    5 different teams to choose from

    And a big campaign mode: 14 different levels to complete!

    One goal: the total domination!

    Buy on Mac AppStore

    Or play it for Free for iOS/Android

    PromoCodes (MacAppStore):

    A video:

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    Promo Codes

    A gift for you, 3 promo codes (Mac AppStore):




    Do you want more? Stay tuned!

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