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    I'm surprised I haven't seen this mentioned much. With the new iPhoto IOS app you can take your pictures and create a journal of them and publish them to iCloud that anyone can view. This isn't exactly like what MobileMe provided with Gallery but it is really neat. I see myself using this feature a lot, especially when traveling. Unfortunately the app won't work on my iPad 1, but works fine on my iPhone 4. I went to but saw no mention of the files. So I'm not sure how you would delete the photo collection when you are finished with them. But at least it is a step in the right direction. Here is a link to a collection I just created -
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    You can go into iPhoto Settings in bottom right and then tap on Edit Journals ... which will allow you to either delete any Journal from phone and iCloud or mark any as favourite and show up top on the Journals homepage.

    You can publish each to iCloud Homepage and use that link to show all ur journals like shown in attached image.

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    there's a bit of discussion of this in this other thread

    I just came back from 2 wk vacation and used iPhoto on the new iPad to create daily photo journals to send to friends and family back home. it worked quite well. I already use the iPad to backup photos from my DSLR while traveling so it was an easy addition to my routine to create the journals

    I've been using MobileMe Gallery on the Mac for many years as well, so I can compare the two.

    iPhoto Journals on the iPad looks like a great start as a replacement for MobileMe Gallery. I'm assuming/hoping now since Mountain Lion will have an emphasis on iCloud that Apple will introduce the Journal feature to iPhoto on the Mac once ML is released [fingers crossed]

    here are some things I noticed about Journals:

    - unlike Gallery, there's no way to password protect individual Journals.

    - after you create a Journal, you click a button to "Tell a Friend" - this creates an email with nicely formatted button link as well as a URL to your journal. the URL is a big ugly looking thing (>120characters), unlike Gallery which uses a prefacing the URL.

    - you can also add the journal to your "home page". what this does is create another link to the top level of web page containing all the journals you create. again, this gives you a big ugly URL - unlike Gallery, you can't simply point your friends to a place like to see all your stuff

    - unfortunately this journal "home page" is nowhere to be found if you log into your account in Safari. it logically _should_ be there, but it isn't. you can only view it by after getting the big ugly URL from iPhoto on the iPad.

    - you can delete a Journal from the iPad, by turning off the publish to iCloud switch

    - unlike Gallery, with Journals you have more flexibility in formatting the layout and size of photos that appear on the web page. you can add captions to individual photos, notes, an iCal style date, weather and map widgets etc. the resulting journal pages look quite nice. This is a HUGE improvement to Gallery, I hope this feature makes it to Mac version of iPhoto

    - when viewing a Journal via web browser, clicking on an image brings up a full size version. you are able to download a copy of the image. Unlike Gallery there's no option to allow/disallow downloading the full size original.

    - there are some formatting quirks when editing Journals. sometimes when moving photos around, many photos on the page jump around unpredictably to make room for the one you're moving. sometimes it seems impossible to move a photo to a spot you want to. thankfully there's multi-level undo

    - once you publish a Journal, if you then edit the journal again on the iPad, those changes get pushed to your web page containing the journal. no need to manually re-publish

    - there's no way (yet?) to synchronize the journals you create on the iPad back to your iPhoto library on the Mac. Likewise there seems no way to automatically sync your iPad's iPhoto events & photos back to corresponding ones in your iPhoto library on your Mac.
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    Thanks for this thread.

    I am on the cusp of moving all of my services, but have been holding off for fear that apple would open it's eyes to the missing items in iCloud vs. MM.

    iDisk I can live with, as many others moved this to DB.
    Gallery however is a sticking point. I loved Gallery, and used it often; and it's linked to my webpage so it was easy to publish to.

    I have looked at SmugMug, but I don't like the lack of integration w/iphone and ipad. It is a stellar site, but the software on mac is just not baked into that service like Flickr (which I am not too fond of either). Their app store app for 2.99 would be useless to me, as it has to sync locally to iPhone (kind of like gallery, but not live).

    I am not sure what I am going to do yet. Being on SL (as I personally cannot use Lion), I am screwed here as well with syncing services are going to be toast in a couple of months.

    I guess I am one of the few MM users kind of floating in the wind hoping for some miracle to happen.
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    I'm kinda with you. I never used iDisk, but I have a ton of stuff on Gallley and have been holding out for as long as I can, hoping Apple will reconsider or announce something to replace it. Smugmug is my preferred alternative - it has great features and seems to put a priority on making your photos look great (important to me). and I may move to it in the end if there's nothing else. But this sudden appearance of iPad iPhoto journals and my experience using it on a trip gives me hope...

    however all my Macs are on Snow Leopard, and only my creaky old MBP isn't upgradable to M.Lion, but that's long overdue for a hw upgrade anyhow. So I'm hoping for proper Gallery replacement when MLion comes out
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    What Gallery Had That No Others Seem to Have

    Like many other folks on this forum, I have been scrambling to find a replacement for Mac Gallery. I have looked at Flickr, Photobucket, Smugmug, and one other I have forgotten the name of. I have not found any product that gives me the same amount of flexibility and ease as Mac Gallery. I want my family and friends to be able to access my photos without having to login and also be able to download any of the photos from my site (for free). Does anyone know of an app that allows both of these things? I am willing to pay for it, especially if I can upload videos as well.

    June 30th here we come, whether we like it or not!
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    Have you thought about using Dropbox for photos too? That's what I've switched too. Not as polished as MobileMe Gallery, but it works.
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    The ios iPhoto publish option is great, but it is only for ios where fewer and lower quality photos live. Nice for social sharing, but not for my 10,000 pics taken with a higher end camera I like to share with family and friends who may want to print, download, etc. It would be great if they incorporate similar to Aperture or iPhoto. The integration of Flickr with Aperture is pretty great, automatic updates as you update your albums works flawlessly.

    I used Dropbox for photos for a while, but its costs are high compared to PhotoBucket or Flickr and you have the issue of extracting pictures from the Aperture or iPhoto db so you can load them into albums on Dropbox. I was using an extraction tool, but that required me to double the amount of photos on my machine, one for Dropbox to sync and one for the actual app database. PITA and a waste of space.

    So now I use the Flickr intergration. $25 a year for unlimited use is far cheaper than Dropbox and the seemless and automatic sync wins IMHO. Why Apple doesn't want a slice of this pie and thinks the world wants to sync every picture on Facebook; further assuming everyone we want to share with is also on Facebook is beyond my comprehension.
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    I've seen some rumors that something is coming with OS X Mountain Lion, perhaps an iPhoto upgrade on the Mac that will bring something like iOS iPhoto Journals (but I hope with added functionality that the old Galleries had and Journals lacks). WWDC is just around the corner, I'm keeping fingers crossed we'll here something there, well before our Galleries turn into pumpkins on the 30th...

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