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    Dec 6, 2011
    Check out my latest iOS game, BookBookBook.
    It's a book arranging game, It's very easy to play and very addicting!

    App Store Link: http://bit.ly/tcsu0h
    Price: 0.99
    TRAILER (YouTube): http://bit.ly/vRQLy5



    ★82 challenging chapters

    5 storybooks, containing 82 chapters. From library to the infinite
    outer space. Alone with great challenge waiting for you.

    ★6 addicting game modes

    ■Classic: Original mode, arrange these books in order as fast as you can.
    ■Puzzle: Not just simply arrange books, You need more than just y
    our hands.
    ■Find-The-Book: Find the chosen books in limited time.
    ■Memory: The object of the game is to find all pairs of matching books.
    Pair up the same books!
    ■Kaiten: These books are moving fast like “Kaiten Sushi” and you must stop
    them before they hit the END.
    ■Boss: A horror baddy comes and challenging you, how can you beat them?
    dare to face the deepest horror in the world?

    ★6 amazing magic

    There are 6 kinds of magic that you can use in game. Each magic has special effect which can help you complete this game. Upgrade them to reinforce the power.

    ★Game Center support

    29 tricky achievements and 8 leader boards.

    SCREENSHOT (More? go to my picasa album: http://bit.ly/unwOfS )


    App Store Link: http://bit.ly/tcsu0h

    Thank you!!

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