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    May 27, 2010
    I have been working on this game as a sole developer and it is my first attempt developing a game. I actually just bought a mac to complete an IPhone app as a new hobby I was interested in. I attempted to document my learning curve with a blog paulsonapps.wordpress.com and tried creating a post every week of development. Well it has been 2 1/2 months and PlanetOne has been Approved for sale on the App Store.

    Now before I get into the game I wanted to give a round of applause to two great tools from an amazing dev team. Cocos2D and LevelSVG. My learning curve into Objective-C and C++ for use in game development was largely shortened because of these amazing tools. The game started out as a complete Cocos2d project and soon I decided I needed great physics from Box2D to make the game even better. Now for a beginner this is a little ambitious but I came across my life saver LevelSVG. It enables a person to create a game visually (using Inkscape and Tiledmaps) which is a huge asset. Now I used an older version of LevelSVG to begin with and used mainly the parser, creating the rest of the code out of my original code so I did not udate to any of the newer LevelSVG versions, BUT I have been following their website and the newest version, 2.3 I think, looks amazing, defenitly going to use the update LevelSVG version for my next game.

    Anyways let me get to the game.

    I believe it is a great example of a 2D Platformer (mario style) game to show off why you should get LevelSVG and build with Cocos2D + Box2D.


    PlanetOne Game Description

    PlanetOne, the 2D Platform game that was inspired by the early great plumber and hedgehog games. You must take the little blue man through 22 unique levels, defeating 4 bosses while collecting keys in each area to open gates. Your goal is to take back the 'Maya" (The life force of your planet), which was taken from your people. But its not just a walk in the park, there are a bunch of different baddies trying to stop you and you are under the clock. Don't get the "Maya" fast enough and you must try again.

    You can choose to play the level on an easy time limit or if your an expert gamer attempt it with the hard time limit. But which ever you choose your fastest time will be remembered so you can also try to beat your own best or your friends best time.

    And to make all of your efforts meaningful, PlanetOne uses OpenFeint for its world Leaderboards, so you can see how you rank against all the players, both with your score and your times.

    Now this sounds like a great game as is, but there is an added touch with a hidden Gem in each level. If you find these hidden gems you will get OpenFeint Achievement Points. Some gems are easy to find and some will puzzle you on where they could be.

    You can be the one to save PlanetOne!


    - 22 Unique Levels
    - 4 Castles with Bosses
    - OpenFeint Enabled
    - Online highscores
    - 45 Achievements to unlock
    - Facebook and Twitter integrated
    - Easy and Hard time limits

    Game Website: http://www.PlanetOneGame.com







    Game Play Video:


    Thank you for everyones support !!

    PlanetOne is now Available for Download. Only $0.99 !!


    Download Link: Download Now
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    Jun 8, 2010
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    Great work. Any tips on creating a scrolling map using inkscape?

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