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    Game review: Brightest Kingdom TD​

    Look – A new, piping hot, tower defense! Why you might ask, why do we need another tower defense game, and you will be absolutely
    right at some point! But also you will be wrong, and also on your own way, and now I'll tell you why.


    The essence of the game as well as any other game of the genre, is unchanged - you need to fight the crowds of attacking enemies
    which reach the end of pre-laid track. To do this, the player has an arsenal of guard tower guns that are along the way and start attacking the enemy that occurs in their attack range. For killing each creep, you earn a gold which is required for the construction and improvement of the towers. However, creeps differ one from another with their set of characteristics and they can
    be defeated only by combining different types of towers. Bullet is a fool - that’s how one old Russian general Suvorov used to say - but talking about the cumulative bullet that burns in motion, leads to the armor of the enemy weltering on the ground – therefore this is an smart, unambiguous and self-confident dude!


    The wow-factor of the game is that it does not blindly copy mechanisms of classic tower defense; but both tactically and economic dimensions of the game were invented from scratch and powerfully created. First, the towers are built by combining mechanical and magical elements. At the very beginning there are four elements, as you move through you get 2 more so 6 total. Three elements are mechanics, three - magical, and they all allow you to create forty-two types of towers with a unique design and many features. During battle, you can parse any tower back to the elements for free and
    completely rebuild its defense. For example, from the advanced third level tower you can receive three towers of first initial level, and vice versa. Sometimes new elements fall out of defeated creeps ( so one might ask, why do creeps need elements? And Where do they carry them?) This actually brings dynamics to the game!


    So, the other question is whether it is possible to rob caravans with creeps - and our response is: oh hell yes, why not all the time!
    Secondly, the game offers players an advanced system of pumping up through the restoration of the destroyed buildings in the Great Capital of the Kingdom.Pretty pathos name for the capital - but when you will see those buildings themselves you will understand! Having reconditioned them, the player receives a capacity of making special powerful attacks and improvements that will give you a significant advantage on the battlefield against your enemies. The Capital has eight destroyed buildings total, two of them provide an access to high-level towers of Magic and Technology. And here you need to make your own choice! What do you want – you decide!
    Choosing the way an engineer or a magician?


    Destroying monsters by gunnery or weakening them even before the fight?
    And your choice will drastically affect the gameplay. You can win using a dozen tactics (and actually lose using a hundred), but
    remember, the penalties for demolition don’t exist here, and you can experiment as much as you want. Great, right?
    Thirdly, the economic component of the game is fastened on the fact that towers that are higher emboss less gold from monsters. And without gold you can do nothing, so the player has to strike a balance between efficiency of protection and the revenue.


    The amount of income, as usual, has a value. Gold bars are spent on learning new towers and discovering unique abilities in the battle.Gold can be earned in one of the other modes, or by just waiting until the treasury is filled with the gold that was already brought from reclaimed areas. The rspeed of Filling up the treasury depends on how good you pass the game - the more stars received from winning the level (maximum of three), the more income the liberated area generates.
    The graphical part of the game looks bright and not boring at all.Thrilling monsters and other creatures at every level are well specialized and the picture does not get blurry, even at a maximum zoom. A fresh look at the genre of tower defense, powerful pumping system, such as addictive gameplay – yep, everything is right in place as it should be! Well, then – it wasn’t named in vain; the Kingdom is definitely the brightest!

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    The Brightest Kingdom is a strategy game in the tower defense genre that sends you on a
    liberating crusade against the powers of darkness that have laid siege to the kingdom.
    Protect ancient power crystals and restore ruined buildings of the Great Capital.
    Gain income from conquered lands and research new types of defensive towers.
    Ancient knowledge shall grant us victory!

    Game features:

    - Battles against hordes of unique enemies;
    - A great choice of defensive towers and tactical combinations;
    - Upgradable magic and technology traits;
    - Gaining income from conquered lands;
    - Bright graphics and dynamic special effects;
    - Exciting Gameplay
    - True Retina resolution for iPad and iPhone

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