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Sep 26, 2011
Support for HD, the perfect support iOS5.

Game Introduction:
In the ancient forest kingdom, there lived a stick, a tiger, a chicken and a worm. They all wanted to be the king and rule the entire forest. Because they mutually reinforced each other, there was no result finally, though the battle lasted for a long time. The forest wasn’t peaceful because of it. The satyr found out a way to solve this problem. As long as they have passed the test, They could treat the throne temporarily within a period of time. Are they able to pass the test? It’s up to you!

How to play:
The “dangerous game” is suitable for all ages. You can easily operate it because it is really easy to learn. In each level, there appears a king who wears the imperial crown, the tiger, the stick, the chicken and the worm all have chance to be the one. Players should help them beat all opponents in time. Then you will be allowed to enter the next level.
The stick can beat the tiger, the tiger can eat chicken, the chicken can eat worm, the worm can destroy the stick. In addition, we provide all kinds of props, including bombs, eggs, portals, which make the game more interesting.

Game characteristics:
1.Novel games: The innovative game makes you get more fun of challenging.
2.Multi-style scene : Green lawn, bleak desert, burning hot volcano, cold snow day,bringing you different feelings.
3.Endless checkpoints: 48 checkpoints are ranged step by step.
4.Witty music: Witty music that is designed by professional music studio will make you feel more fun.

App Link:

This is Free Game!
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