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Mar 6, 2009
Just got a MBA i7 256gb 13", would like to get a game or two for traveling, etc.

Was thinking about getting "The Movies". How does it run? anyone have it?

I'm not a heavy gammer, just like to pick up and play for a little at a time on vacation, trips, work, etc.

any suggestions? any games to stay away from that dont run well?


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Nov 18, 2011
Does anybody know a game similar to AoE II that runs on an 13'' base model WITHOUT the dvd drive?


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Apr 8, 2011
WOW - its an old game but its constantly upgraded, i have tried the trial up to level 20 and all i could say is I wish I could have reached the higher levels, its a well crafted game , very addictive.

Battlestar Gallactica - this is a free to play game, although you can buy exclusive items, etc. Controls are responsive , you need to be on the higher levels if you wish to join raids, you can " space jump " to the enemy bases if there's a high level player on your team, but you die easily like less than 5 secs. lol . the fleet battles are awesome.

Uberstrike - another free to play game, with some exlusive items, weapons, costumes if you pay real cash. It's a nice fps but you get bored easily with some of the maps, there are tons of players though.

Dead Frontier - A nice zombie survival game, you need to pay cash for exclusive items, etc.


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Jan 9, 2011
If you want to try games that would otherwise not run or run like crap on an MBA you really should check out On-Live. Its essentially made for laptops like the MBA. You do need a decent internet connection for it though.


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Nov 18, 2011
I had a look around and Civ V is supposed to be really slow on the MBA once the cloud of war decreases and the number of units increases.

I am not a shooter person, and not a GTA fan at all. On my PC I was playing AoE II; AoE III and C&C3 Red Allert. As well as football manager from about 2002 :D

If I see it correctly they are all available on Mac, but all need the external drive? I want to be able to play even if not connected to the web. And I have no clue about steam.


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Jan 8, 2009
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Won game of the year and is a great time waster. I also am a pretty casual gamer and this game is just amazing.
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