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Jun 1, 2007
I'm looking for iPhone games that are also optimized for voice over and can be enjoyed by blind people.

So far I found one game that integrates voice over very well:
Naval Combat

Searching the forums I could not find a list or other posts on iPhone games for blind people. Maybe we can start a compilation here.



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Nov 30, 2011
Hanging With Friends

I've heard Hanging With Friends is not necessarily optimized for, but can be used by visually impaired

Typical Janner

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Jul 7, 2010
A little late to the party, but anybody else who stumbles upon this post might want to take a look at the AppleVis website.

The site has a directory containing information on the accessibility of more than 1000 iOS apps, along with other resources for blind and vision-impaired iDevice users, such as a forum, guides and podcasts. They have also recently added an iOS App Hall of Fame, which is certainly worth a look if you want to know what other VoiceOver users consider to be the 'must have' apps.

Here's the link to the site:


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Sep 11, 2012
Interactive Audio Book (Voice Interaction) Seeking Feedback

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum. Over the past couple months I have been working on a project of mine that is essentially... well I still haven't even figured out how to categorize it. It's basically an audio book where you explore the world using your voice as if it were a game. I built it this way so that it could be used in any scenario where you could normally listen to an audio book.

The application currently only works on iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod. Please be sure to use headphones and either be in a silent room or use a noise cancelling microphone such as the one included with the iPhone.

I'm considering releasing a full game, potentially multiplayer as well as a kit to create and sell your own interactive audio books/games.

I have a working proof of concept and I welcome anyone to give it a try:

Please note that I am not a voice actor and this is my first attempt at any sort of narration and therefore is terrible. The content is here merely to prove the concept.


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Dec 19, 2013
I've released a new audio game app for blind and visually impaired. It uses GPS on your iPhone or android. Walk to the center of an open field and six virtual targets will be arranged around you. Echo locate them using headphones to determine direction.

Sighted folks can play it also ;)

Open Field Echo Sounder



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Sep 30, 2008
THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em Optimized for the Blind and Visually Impaired

I'm looking for iPhone games that are also optimized for voice over and can be enjoyed by blind people.

The Cadillac of Poker is now one of the best card games you can play without looking at your device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 5 or higher).


* Customized Accessibility gestures to fold, check, call, bet, and raise so you don't need to locate your cards or chips on the table. (A simple grid pop-up lets you select from a wide range of bet sizes.)

* VoiceOver announces all the action: your hole cards; the community cards; all the betting action; the hands that reach showdown along with their values; and the winner's take.

* The strongest, fastest, and most configurable No Limit Hold 'Em game on any handheld device.

* No ads or in-app purchases.

THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em in App Store
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