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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thechadaz, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Jun 10, 2007

    I just purchased my first Mac (2.4 MBP SR 15 Inch) and I haven't really even touched a Mac since OS 8 (I never owned one but liked them). I've been anxiously awaiting the LED notebooks :).

    Quick question for the experts here. So, I've purchased a couple of distractions, IE games, but neither one will actually work. Civ IV will launch and I can usually get a game started but it will always fairly quickly quit to desktop. I also bought Luxor Amun Rising, which won't even start at all, it just bounces a couple of times on the dock and then stops.

    Is this latest MBP too new for these universal apps? I saw a post on the Civ forums that it is picky about new GPUs.... Anyone got these working?

    BTW - the laptop is so far otherwise flawless, whisper quiet, fairly cool even under load (warm but not hot), no dead/stuck pixels, etc. The LED screen is very nice and really bright. I do find the internal speakers to be a bit softer than my Gateway windows laptop, but nothing I'd ever be bothered with. I did have some difficulty with my dLink wireless router, the Mac would always warn me after a reboot that it couldn't find my preferred network and I'd have to go through the wizard to get it to see the network again (perhaps because I wasn't broadcasting the SSID?). I had bought an airport extreme with the laptop and once I changed out the dLink for the airport the connections problems went away. (Yes, I really wanted to play with the laptop before I got the airport hooked up, can you blame me?)

    Thanks in advance for your advice/responses!
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    May 31, 2006
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    I think when a brand new GPU is introduced to the Mac world, I think with games you usually have to wait for the game developers to release updates before the games will work as they should.

    To be honest, in the future I'd really recommend buying the Windows version and running Bootcamp. The OSX version of Civ IV is simply shoddy and you'll get far better performance from the Windows version. I know it kinda defeats teh point of switching, but if you want to play games its the best way.

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