Gaming mouse: logitech g400 vs razer deathadder


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Jun 3, 2011
I am looking for my first gaming mouse ever. Finally taking the leap and see if it actually improves my gameplay. I was originally thinking I would like the g400 because it is the remake of a very popular mouse style but almost everyone I've asked recommends the razor mice and the deathadder seems to be in a decent price range. Im looking to spend around 40 bucks max and both models fall in that category.

Are one of these a good choice? and if so which one.

I am sure many more people know a lot more about gaming mice than I do so if I'm looking at the wrong ones please let me know.

Also, Im running my games with os x. Potentially getting bootcamp soon so the mouse has to be mac compatible (no surprise there in these forums).

Types of games I'm playing now are are Diablo 3 and potentially re-subbing my wow. so i would like it to work well for these games.

Thanks in advance


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Aug 29, 2010
The g400 is not supported for Macs by logitech, however it will still work. There are some third party programs that may be able to configure it correctly but I haven't used them so I can't speak to that. Also, you could install the latest drivers and such on a windows machine (or partition on your mac), configure the mouse there, and because it has internal memory, supposedly it will work correctly in OSX. I can't confirm that because I've never tried it.

The deathadder is supported for Macs by Razer, however if you do a search here on the forums, it doesn't seem too beloved. It seems Razer may be a bit lazy in fine tuning / updating their Mac driver. I saw lots of complaints.

I'm in the same predicament as you. There aren't many good high performance mouse options for Mac. I suspect most artists and video professionals use the Logitech Performance MX. I was considering this mouse as Logitech actually DOES support Mac with this mouse (unlike their gaming line), but I don't like that it doesn't have Macro functionality which is key for gaming. I wish apple made a better mouse.


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Oct 6, 2005
Get the Deathadder. The best mouse I've bought. Must have had it 5 years now I think. Still glows blue, if you like.


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Apr 19, 2012
wow I didn't know Logitech don't really support Mac... their new G600 is coming out soon.

Why not save more money and look at SteelSeries or Cyborg maybe it better for WOW and D3 :D

I only playing FPS and got Logitech G700 which some people said it the best but it just ok to me... I got small hands:( so it not so comfortable to me.

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