Gaming options: 27" iMac or Mac Mini & PS4/XBOne/Controller

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Which one?

  1. Maxed out iMac

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  2. Mac Mini & Console

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  3. Other options (please list below)

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  1. DracoDWS, Jul 8, 2014
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    DracoDWS macrumors member


    Aug 1, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that my iMac is on it's last legs.

    I went all out and got the max upgraded iMac I could 5 years ago. The 27” Late 2009 iMac with the 2.8GHz i7 - 1TB HDD - 8GB 1067 DDR3 - 512MB Radeon HD4850. Fast-Forward to today and the graphics card has been replaced 3 times, the hard drive fan, and the LCD panel connection wire (which was apparently frayed by an Apple Genius putting it back together while replacing the HD4850 for the 3rd time).

    Anyway, while it was in the shop for a week, I started looking at options for a new computer. I wasn’t ready to spend $500+ on a new logic board for the iMac if it turned out to be that and not the graphics card. (It wasn’t - thankfully) But the reason I went all in on the iMac was I expected to do a lot of gaming and wanted to be setup for it.

    Turns out, I really only played Blizzard games, WoW for a while, then stopped and went to Diablo 3 and now Hearthstone and thats about all. I was excited about Marvel Heroes, but it plays really badly on my iMac. (The most annoying thing is how floaty the mouse feels, just clicking around moving and attacking). What I miss most about Mac gaming are the fighting games. (Mortal Kombat - Street Fighter, etc.) It seems like they only come out for PC or the consoles.

    I don’t have an Xbox or Playstation because I have Cerebral Palsy and my hands stop me, they don’t grip the typical gaming controllers very well BUT - I just found Quasimoto Axis controllers. They’re made with the analog joysticks not just the D-Pad like the X-Arcade joysticks.

    I emailed them and found out the whole line of Axis controllers are $400.

    So, instead of spending $2350+ on a decked out new iMac with SSD & 2GB Graphics Card (hopefully Apple will update them soon - not just the new cheap/crappy one they just released) I was thinking maybe I should just get a Mac Mini ($600-900? - when Apple updates THAT - hopefully soon) and just use my iMac as the monitor (and wireless keyboard/mouse) and get a Xbox One ($400-500) or PS4 ($400) and an Axis 2 controller ($400 - yes that’s extremely expensive, but i really don’t have any other options).

    What do you think? Just go for the basic Mac and gaming console or (another) Maxed out iMac that hopefully won’t be overkill for me.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

    oh and PS - I haven't decided between the PS4 or XBOne yet. Is one better than the other? and is it worth getting the one with the Kinect over the one without it?
  2. kupkakez macrumors 68000


    Apr 4, 2011
    I also only play Blizzard games, mainly WoW, Hearthstone and some Diablo also some Sims 3. I just picked up my 27" iMac last weekend and have been quite happy with how it plays WoW. I have everything set to ultra and can easily get 55+ FPS in the Shrine and Orgrimmar. Go with the high end 27" iMac with the 3.4ghz i5 and nvidia 775m. This should easily last you a few years playing Blizzard games as they aren't that graphically demanding.

    You can also bootcamp Windows on it for the Windows games you do want to play.

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