Gaming performance on the 6c/D500?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MMcCraryNJ, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. MMcCraryNJ macrumors 6502

    Oct 18, 2012
    I know it's kind of a stupid question, as these GPUs aren't optimized for gaming whatsoever. But what can I expect from them if I wanted to do some light gaming, either via Bootcamp or Native OS X?

    I would basically be pretty happy with running Starcraft II/Diablo III/Steam games via OS X at 1440p on medium to high settings at 60fps. Maybe some of the heavier Windows games like Titanfall via Bootcamp at medium settings at the same resolution (or even straight up 1080p, if it meant getting to a locked 60fps). Is this a reasonable expectation to have for these cards? Or should I temper them?

    Gaming wouldn't be my primary use scenario with this machine whatsoever, as I know the spec'd out 27" iMac would handle it much better. It would just be nice to know what I can get with this machine.

    If anyone does any bit of gaming on the 6c/D500 model, I would love to hear your experience. Thank you so much
  2. Bazu macrumors regular

    Mar 7, 2013
    Warsaw, Poland
    Playing WoW on High with FPS capped around 58 and i get that 58 most of the time solo, 10 man, 25 man, BG. There are some bottlenecks in instances like the one with Thunder King. No matter what settings even on Low i get fps like 28 -30.

    Diablo was no issue playing on High.

    Starcraft II sometimes got lower FPS but i think it was some time they did something to game and many Mac users complained about FPS drop. Didn't check it lately.

    There is some bug in WoW with 10.9.3 at this moment on regular Fullscreen mode. Game hangs with GPUHangState log. Workaround for me is to play Windowed Fullscreen.

    I play those on OS X so only one GPU works in those games. And it does pretty fine job.


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