Gang Warfare - Free on the App Store - Win an iPod Touch!

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    Gang Warfare is a sublime modern text based gangster game from Ed Cousins. It is now available on the App Store for FREE.

    On the 15th January, Ed Cousins announced a brand new game for iPhone and iPod touch, with immediate availability on the Apple App Store. Gang Warfare has been in development for the past 8 months, and has been designed and developed within a very strong team.

    Gang Warfare takes you into the “hood” and gives you the stage to grow from a young thug striving to be someone, to gangster legend who is on everyone’s hit list. Your strive to get to this status will be a hard task, requiring you to buy assets, hire gang members, and equip your gang ready to take out any obstacles along your way. Not only will you need to take your best attack on other gangs, but you will also need to have a strong defense to show that you aren’t to be messed with.

    Ed Cousins has even launched a fantastic giveaway for the game, where 3 lucky Gang Warfare players will win an iPod Touch! Details of the giveaway can be found at

    The game is not only really enjoyable to play, but it is really well designed with stunning graphics and layouts. Everything is easy to find, seamless to navigate and it is refreshing to see a game flow this well. For users that are new to this genre of game, there is a very well documented game guide, which clearly explains all the aspects of the game.

    The game has many exciting features such as:

    • Play online with other players around the world for FREE
    • Tons of Weapons, Jobs, Assets and Ranks to battle through to become the #1
    • Hire Gang Members and equip them with the best weapons in an attempt to be the strongest gang and become world renowned on the Gang Warfare Streets
    • Enjoy Stunning Designs and Addictive Gameplay
    • FREE Updates with New Weapons/Jobs/Assets/Gang Members and other features

    Do you have what it takes? It’s time to show the world who runs the streets…

    Gang Warfare for iPhone is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

    If you would like more information about Gang Warfare, please visit
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    Jan 20, 2010
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    This game is soooo addicting. I can't not play it. Great work Swift xD hope to see lots of updates in the future
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    So this is just another imob and the likes knock-off?

    While the concept is fun, it's been done ad nauseum.

    Could you tell me in a sentence, what makes this game better and different?

    Do you need someone to help you design a better layout? I can do graphic work for cheap.

    that shade of grey and that shade of orange/red don't work well together.

    It's also funny how SpikeX only has one post complimenting your game and that you both have the same join time.
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