Gap between front glass and plastic of iPhone 4S? Is this normal?

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    Feb 26, 2011
    So long story short. My iphone 4s experience has been bad. I am coming from a 3GS. I bought a new white 4s 32GB at the apple store on launch day. It started locking up and shutting off on it's own a few days later. I swapped it at Apple. That one had an issue when you used the vibration switch. It would sound like a car horn when it would vibrate (metallic sound and VERY loud even over the alarm ringer). Apple agreed it was defective and gave me a third one on Saturday.

    I noticed today on this one that there are a couple of gaps on the left side of the screen. The gaps are between the actual glass on the front and the plastic next to it. There is also a similar gap at the top (that one almost looks like the glue didn't cure correctly though or that the edge of the glass may have had a strange cut when they installed it). They are not huge but it looks like the plastic is not sealed very good against the glass (or vice versa). Is this normal?

    Am I being to picky even though my first two phones had serious issues? I know with the white iphone, any type of manufacturing defect is way more noticeable (at least to me coming from a black iphone). I am getting tired of swapping out phones. Are the black ones made differently? I never had any of these issues with my 3GS. I love the phone otherwise. Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    as far as i can tell i have no gaps anywhere around the phone. if possible post pics, but id say just take it in...
  4. powerocool, Nov 2, 2011
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    I have the same thing, seems like pretty common. It's a little annoying to look at once I noticed it. oh well...

    I also came from a black iPhone. Black is a color that covers up any imperfection. I had a white iPad where the actual LCD is not mounted in the center, so the black border around the screen looked uneven. I swapped for a black one so I won't notice, thus not going to bother me.
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    Jul 2, 2013
    I have the same problem. I took my white 4s to the apple store two months after buying it and they said that the separation was only cosmetic and wouldn't be covered under the warranty unless it were much worse or affected the function. It is getting worse but I don't know how bad it must be before they fix it. They did say that if it worsened it would be covered even after the one-year warranty is over.
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    Post a close-up picture, it probly just an O.C.D. thing.

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