Garageband 10, Many questions, much obliged


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Mar 14, 2014
I've been using a 2010 MBP for the last 2 years. I mainly use it for garageband, it's been an excellent program. I had songs with a lot of tracks and the macbook wasn't cutting it anymore so I bought a new imac.

The garageband that is preloaded onto my new imac, is to say kindly, horrible.
I will refrain from going on a rant on how awful this "updated" garageband is. I believe it's called 'garageband 10'.

I have a few questions, would very much appreciate any help.

- First, is there a way to get the version of garageband on my macbook onto my imac?

- Second, I have many custom instruments on my macbooks garageband. I would start with a radio sound effects midi track, drag various blues guitars, bass, drum samples onto the keyboard and make beats that way. This was my favorite thing about garageband. I saved my macbook with TM and started the imac up from the macbook time machine HD.
All of my custom instruments appear in list of "User Channel Strip Settings > Sound Effects" but when I open them I they do not work and I get this message "EXS24 instrument "DK Instruments.exs" not found." or for example "EXS24 instrument "bbking drumbreak.exs" not found.".

I have also been trying to navigate through this new garageband and can't seem to figure out how to drag samples onto musical typing and create new instruments. I do it on my macbook by creating a new radio sound effects midi track, and just dragging the mp3 track into garageband, then dragging it onto a key.



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Feb 9, 2014
How to copy it? Share a drive and drag it over, use "Airdrop" copy to some media like a thumb drive and walk the thug drive. Send an email to your self. There must be 800 other ways to move a folder. GB is in the /Applications folder

Yes, just think of a Macintosh as being like a jailbroken iphone. It has folders and files and stuff, just like computers of yore.



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Jul 29, 2011
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If you can find somebody who has upgraded from the old version, the updater leaves the old version of Garageband in a folder...all you'd have to do is copy the entire folder via an external hdd and copy it back to your applications folder. I'd uninstall 10 first though.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Definitely try copying the old garageband app from the applications folder, but I'm not totally sure if that will work (garageband may have other assets that need to be moved with it).

When you got the new computer, did you migrate your old data over to it? i.e. with migration assistant? If not, I might try that, as it might bring all the old stuff over for you.

Otherwise, I would consider buying Logic. It's a great investment if you're into music, and has much more flexibility than the new garageband. And, logic should be able to import the old garageband files.


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May 11, 2014
I'm so sorry. But I have a problem with GarageBand 10. It's appear Error 10010, and I can't find the way to fix it. I have a Macbook early 13" 4Gb RAM, and a Focusrite Saffire pro40 (I had actualized its mixer) Please, anything to fix it I'll be thankful.