GarageBand issue with protools

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by yettismith, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Jun 15, 2010
    running (now)garageband 10.0.3, protools 9.0.6, Maverick 10.9.5

    Recently I had a few problems getting protools to run after using the new GarageBand 10.0.2. I had not run GarageBand since 5. I'm not a big fan of the over streamlining they have done. Such as autohiding key controls from you with no way to make it standard that they are not autohidden on every new project. Who wouldn't want a Rec Ready button out in the open all the time?

    But anyway, I was using GarageBand 10.0.2 with an Mbox2pro, that i had working in garageband which is a new plus. Made a beat and exported it out to mess with in protools. And found my sample rate rate had been changed from 48 to 96 and my audio file changed to Mp3 in the protools opening dialog box. I changed it all back and protools worked fine. I did not return back to garageband.

    Recently 10.0.3 was released and I updated and thought I'de give garageband another try. It is rather simple as far as creating backbeats after all. But it would not open. Just an immediate Application Not Responding. Nor would my 5.1 GarageBand. I deleted all GarageBand preferences and caches, restarted. No change. Re-installed GarageBand, restarted. No change. So i reset my Mbox drivers, and restarted. No change. Even unplugged the secondary display. Nothing.

    Then I thought, well what if. Went and Re-opened the opening dialog box for protools and changed the sample rate back to 96K. And viola, GarageBand is back up and running. So I don't know if this is an issue for Avid or Apple really. Could be that Protools is setting the computers sample rate in that dialog box? And or that GarageBand can only record at 96k? which seems like a bit much. But in case this happens to anyone else maybe try this.
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    Jun 15, 2010
    GarageBand issue with protools (add-on)

    So it appears you must each time re-load the dialog box in protools and select 96k then cancel and close down protools in order to open GarageBand. This may be just an issue when using the Mbox2Pro?

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