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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JonHimself, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. JonHimself macrumors 68000


    Nov 3, 2004
    Toronto, Ontario
    Alright, so I was watching a Howard Stern episode when he interviewed Chris Cornell (of soundgarden, temple of the dog, audioslave). Cornell was talking about how he would come up with tunes in his head then have to scramble to record different parts (vocals, guitar, etc) on a ****** recorder so he remembered it.
    The next day I had this vision of a Garageband Lite (or whatever) on the iPhone. Just something that could record sound in different tracks (of course being recorded one at a time) and perform basic mixing (volume adjustments, panning, some other stuff) just using the built-in microphone. It'd be really basic (obviously) but still a fun app to tool around with. I don't know how good the mic would be for someone playing an acoustic guitar or singing or whatever but assuming that it's comparable to the computer's built-in mics then it'd be alright.
    I just had a really cool mental picture of like two-three tracks on an iPhone with basic stuff. Not widely useful at all.. I understand that it might not even be worth investing the time to create the software, but I just thought it'd be pretty neat and wanted to share the idea.
  2. HiRez macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2004
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    I don't see Apple ever doing it, but some 3rd party might someday. It's a good idea but the quality would suck with the builtin hardware. However, it might be possible to make some kind of breakout cable that plugs into the dock connector or headset/speaker jack, or a Bluetooth device. I think you could even simulate touch-sensitivity with the iPhone's screen (more finger area = more pressure).
  3. Telp macrumors 68040


    Feb 6, 2007
    i dont get these outcries for crazy apps. Garageband?! iMovie!? Im not saying i wouldnt love it, but it just doesnt make any sense at all. Garageband is way to heavy of a program. Even a lite version with "different tracks" is crazy. A voice recorder...sure, but garageband lite...come one...
  4. JonHimself thread starter macrumors 68000


    Nov 3, 2004
    Toronto, Ontario
    It's far from a cry for an app. I admitted that is fairly useless and was nowhere close to saying "OMG iPhone sucks I NEED Garageband or I'm returning it!!!!!!" Just something I thought of and thought I'd share.
  5. mcdj macrumors G3


    Jul 10, 2007
    Personally, I can't belive the iPhone didn't ship with Final Cut Pro. What was Apple thinking? I assume it will be in the next update.
  6. newbreednet macrumors newbie

    Jul 10, 2008
    keep it simple stoopid

    Personally I am very excited to see if something like this appears in the app store.

    It looks like when the OP mentioned the word "Garageband" that people are thinking of a cpu-and-ram-heavy app running all sorts of loops and FX;

    So: forget the "Garageband" connotation and instead think of the simple voice recorder app (which I believe works fairly well but I have never used it) extended to allow you to record three or four takes and mix them together.

    Surely the hardware would be cool with that. And I would pay the $9.99 for it too ;)
  7. rockstarjoe macrumors 6502a


    Jun 2, 2006
    washington dc
    The app "Band" that was shown during WWDC looks a lot like a simple Garageband. The developer said you could record and layer different instruments with it too. It isn't ready yet on the app store but will be in a few months. Personally I'm really looking forward to it, as it looks like a quick and easy way to "jot down" some musical ideas.
  8. newbreednet macrumors newbie

    Jul 10, 2008
    Unfortunately Band doesn't record from the MICROPHONE of the iPhone which is what I/we are wanting.

    TBH I'm kinda bummed about the app store. I thought it was gonna be proper, proper, PROPER revolutionary but it seems a bit, hmm, *shrugs* just now...

    I was imagining Roland or Fostex or Boss producing a "usable" 4-track recorder + guitar FX app and selling a dock-connector-to-guitar-input cable...

    Maybe this will still happen... maybe we, the crystal-ballers (!) are a bit too far ahead of the overall game and will have to wait for the base-level idea of iPhone apps to become ubiquitious...
  9. acadie macrumors newbie


    Jun 5, 2007
    if u don't compose or experiment with instruments... then that kind of option is no good use for u...

    but as a musician - being able to tape an improv jam - be it just the guitar... or even better - the guitar and bass on 2 separate tracks! - on an ipod (i can't afford a laptop!) that would be great!!

    so just because u don't have a use for it personally, there's still a lot of uses for it!

    check this one out! i wish!
  10. macbookhamburg macrumors regular

    Jan 3, 2007
  11. Casomativ macrumors newbie

    Sep 21, 2009

    It's called Xewton Music Studio... period
  12. superxero3 macrumors regular

    Oct 15, 2008
  13. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    I'd LOVE THIS!!!

    Ocinara makes this very feasable. having vbs avaliable also would be bonus.
  14. ssdeg7 macrumors 6502a


    Jul 15, 2010
    It's funny how people three years ago thought iMovie for iPhone would be ridiculous, now I find it disturbing not having the rest of iLife in this tiny device!
  15. musicbymicah macrumors newbie

    Oct 17, 2010
    This is a stitch! People on here saying NEVER! LOL

    I knew it was only a matter of time before we had things like this. The iPhone changed everything.
  16. ajohnson253 macrumors 68000


    Jun 16, 2008
    Isn't it wild I was just thinking that the other night as I was sitting there starring at my iPhone "zoned" out in my own world haha!!
  17. Sedrick macrumors 68030


    Nov 10, 2010
    I don't know... 3.5" is damn cramped to be using a program like that.

    I found an example of what it would be like:


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