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    Hey everyone,

    Say I take a bass drum loop sound of just the single drum hit. Then I take two individual symbols and place them and I mix and match my own little 4 bar drum phrase.

    Is there a way to record this track and all it's separate audio samples ONTO another fresh blank track as one single audio track so that I've a full 4 bar audio phrase that I can then loop?

    Thanks for any help :)

    PS I guess this could also count for midi. If I record a midi piece is there a way to bus this midi track and it's data onto a fresh AUDIO track so I can then do another voice etc.
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    It's been a while, but if you export the setup you've made, I believe it will be mixed down to an aac file that you can then import as a drum loop. Same with multiple midi tracks. Basically any tracks you make with GB.

    Sorry I don't remember the exact steps, but via the menubar for GB, you should see an option to export to iTunes, then you can tell it what type of file to make.

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