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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Soundburst, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Asked this in the apps section but couldn't get any help. Was hoping someone here could help me.

    Say I take a bass drum loop sound of just the single drum hit. Then I take two individual symbols and place them and I mix and match my own little 4 bar drum phrase.

    Is there a way to record this track and all it's separate audio samples ONTO another fresh blank track as one single audio track so that I've a full 4 bar audio phrase that I can then loop?

    I also have Pro Tools so I'm kind of talking about playing a midi track while you use another audio blank track to record the output of the midi track as an audio file :):)

    Thanks for any help

    PS I guess this could also count for midi. If I record a midi piece is there a way to bus this midi track and it's data onto a fresh AUDIO track so I can then do another voice etc.
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    Of course you can always save the project which has as many bars and tracks or MIDI and or audio as you like as an Apple loop. The way to do it is different but sam end result: A loop you made

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