GarageBand, UC-33 and Enigma

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by gabinja, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. gabinja macrumors newbie

    Nov 27, 2008
    Hi guys, first of all, sorry for my english. I hope you can understand me!
    although I like to work with Logic Pro, sometimes I use GarageBand in order to get quick results for my ideas. In fact, I use GarageBand so much that I decided to buy -yes, a bit blindly- a midi controller and this way, avoid the mouse each time I wanted to use the basic transport comands. I wanted also to control the basic track settings (level, pan, mute, solo...) with faders and knobs.
    Then I got an Evolution UC-33 and with it, a big headache...
    Obviously, I wanted my controller to control GarageBand but at the moment, and thanx to GarageRemote, I can only control the very basic transport comands (play, stop, rec, rewind, forward and loop). But GarageRemote -amazingly- doesn´t include fields in order to control the basic track comands.
    Then I heard about Enigma software to configurate my midi controller. I´ve readed carefuly the instructions, looked everywhere in the web, tried almost everything... and nothing. Unfortunately there´s no preset for GarageBand and I cannot find the right Midi CC's to make my UC-33 control GarageBand.
    Could someone please help me with this?
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    Aug 8, 2009
    GarageBand, UC-33 and Enigma

    Hallo gabinja

    I have a mac Pro with Garageband and I use a UC-33 usb controller.
    I use the settings of Cubase (preset nr. 1)
    Then the volume sliders work in Garageband
    Also the pan knobs work.

    I use MidiMonitor to show the midi information from tlhe UC-33.
    ( )
    The volume slider wich works, receives the following message:

    16:34:36.229 From Port 1 Control channel 1 Channel Volume
    (coarse) 0

    16:34:36.229 From Port 1 Control channel 1 Channel Volume
    (coarse) 127

    (Channel volume is CC #7)
    # means HEXadecimal
    The values of the volume can vary from 0 to 127 (max vol)

    The pan control(cc#10) (knob C10) is midi channel 1 knob C11 is ch 2, etc
    16:41:24.244 From Port 1 Control 1 Pan (coarse) 1
    16:41:55.638 From Port 1 Control 1 Pan (coarse) 127

    I too was looking for al list of CC's to use with Garageband

    I could not find settings to control the very basic transport commands (play, stop, rec, rewind, forward and loop)
    You wrote that they worked on your system with Garageband. Wich program nr.?
    Please can you send me the values of , than I can use these values to program the UC-33?


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