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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by NStocks, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Apr 3, 2008
    I have quite a few items to sell on ebay, and I think there is a better solution to the ebay default for lisitngs... Garagesale.

    Here are my questions :

    Does it charge any percentage if you sell through garagesale ( I already know that ebay charge so much, but I mean on top of that )

    Is it secure

    If I list items on Mac 1 for example, then get a brand new mac ( Mac 2 ), can I still access the same listings through the new Mac... Is it just a case of logging in like normal ebay

    The reason I ask is because I will be getting a replacement MBP and so I will probably format the old one ( or any other suggestions before I send it away > ). thus loosing all the programs etc.


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    Jun 14, 2008
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    First off no GarageSale does not charge any fees themselves. The price you pay for the app itself is the only $$ involved with them. You will just pay fees to eBay and fees to PayPal.

    With eBay's recent change to not allowing sellers to accept checks or money orders so that they can get more income through forcing sellers to use PayPal (which of course eBay owns) I have lost a lot of my enthusiasm for eBay frankly, but you didn't ask that! ;)

    Is it secure? Well it accesses your eBay account via a secure link (https:) so it as secure as logging onto eBay yourself I suppose.

    Your listings and info are stored locally on the particular Mac the program is running from, not online so you will want to investigate (through the help menu of the program or by contacting the developers if necessary) where the files are stored so that they can be specifically backed up and restored to your new Mac in order for them to continue to show in GarageSale. I have contacted the developers a couple of times and I have to say they do respond in a timely manner to answer questions. I just do Carbon Copy Cloner backups, so have not had any reason to ferret out the location of the actual item files myself or I would share that info with you. ;)

    FWIW- I have tried iSale in addition to GarageSale and I have to say that I prefer GarageSale in the end, though iSale has some features I hope GarageSale something similar to.

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